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Dave Haygarth

DOB: 16/10/1969

Hobbies: Don't have one!!

Hometown: Rossendale, Lancashire

Resides: England UK


  • Who or what influenced you to start riding?
    Watching the Kellogs City Centre series on Channel 4,  c. 1985
  • What was your first bike?
    A Vindec 'MINOR' 20" wheel bike
  • Best cycling moment?
    My first road win - a crit on the Isle of Man week. I'd crashed out of a crit the night before when in the lead and off the front, so it was just so satisfying.
  • Worst cycling moment?
    Breaking seatpost 4 miles into the 3 peaks 1999.  You spend months preparing specifically. I couldn't even get onto the first hill. 
  • Future cycling goals?
     Just more satisfaction. It's rubbish without enjoying it. Sometimes that means good results and that means training and hard work, but I try not to enter anything I won't enjoy.
  • Fave ride?
    3 Peaks Cyclocross.
  • Pre event meal?
    Rice or spuds. 
  • Turbo trainer or wet ride?
    Depends on what I'm training for. Limited time, (not bad weather) usually makes me choose turbo.  There's less to wash.
  • Place you would love to ride?
    Anywhere in the Alps - never ridden there, on or off road. 
  • Whats on your ipod in training?
    Totally random, really.  I like the element of surprise.  Have been enjoying this on Soundcloud recently - it seems to have a good cadence for turbo
  • Favorite tool?
    Weird euphemism thing.  If you mean a workshop tool, I always used to enjoy the process of using an old square taper chainset extractor, so long as the threads didn't strip half way through.  It was then my least favourite tool.
  • Favorite cycling discipline?
  • Sporting hero?
    The paralympics was full of 'hero' material. It's just inspiring to see anyone put heart and soul into anything. There's loads of people I would love to mimic but I don't have heroes in the sense of wanting to meet anybody.  It's be embarrassing. As a child I used to love Franz Klammer (skier) because of the way he dominated the sport but seemed to do it by passion.  Didier Cuche is the same. In cycling, Sven Nys is similar. People tend not to like people who dominate sports but I like it as long as I can see the passion in them.
  • Best piece of advice you have been given?
    Where there's mud, ride where you see standing water. It's always the grippiest line, every time.  Don't tell anyone.
  • Who would play you in a film about your life?
    Graham Fellows.