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Ti 456 Reviews

On-One Ti 456



Reviews and links to forums on On-One Ti 456.

What Mountain Bike:

STOP PRESS! First What Mountain Bike review is out now. Click on the link below to find out why the new Van Nicholas made Ti 456 is as good as the Lynksey!

Click here to read the March 2011 review of the new On-One Ti 456 bike in What Mountain Bike magazine.

Click here to read Bike Radar's online review of the Ti 456 XT Pro Maxle

Discover what made What Mountain Bike give the original Ti 456 bike their first perfect 10 rating and Bike Radar to call it the best hardtail frame they'd ever ridden!

"This unlikely transatlantic Ti-up really is the hard rider's perfect hardtail... Our first ever perfect 10/10"

Click here and here to read the full review

Bike Radar:

"We believe this is the best all-round hardtail frame we’ve ever ridden is a big, big deal."

Click here to read the full review


"If I rode trail centres, the ti456 would be all the bike I'd ever need. Simple as."

Click here to read the full review

Brighton MTB:

"The 456Ti was absolutely planted on the trail, as the speed increased it felt like a suspension bike and stayed glued to the ground, whoever was on it finished first by a reasonable margin."

Click here to read the full review

"The geometry is perfect for technical challenges, the front is relaxed enough to give confidence on steep stuff but not enough to be too wandery on climbs."

Click here for the fulll story


"I love it so much I have not used any of my other bikes since."

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Southern Downhill:

"I upgraded to the 456 Ti last year, and haven't looked back. Utterly brilliant bikes for UK XC riding."

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Brighton Bomb MTB:

If you're wondering whether to go for a steel or Ti 456 here's a very objective independent trail test on the two head to head:

Click here to read the full review.