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this bike is loads of fun



  • Dmx, 42
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    biking, what else
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    Inbred 29er


  • dmx

    The fork came like that, in orange. Actually there's a litlle difference with the orange from the frame. The reason why you don't find them on the Niner website is that the new forks are only 470 mm long, and they're no longer available in orange, since Niner currently doesn't have an orange steel frame available.

  • Duffer

    That is such a gorgeous build. Did you get the Niner forks sprayed the same colour as the frame? I've had a look on the Niner website, and can't see any orange ones - so presumably it's not a coincidence. I'm looking to order an Inbred 29er, when they come back in stock - it may very well end up looking pretty much like that!

  • dmx

    hello, that's a Niner 490 mm steel fork

  • Tom

    What fork is that?