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Billy Brown

I built this up for my wife, because such a rad woman needs a rad bike. The Pompino rides incredibly well. Even with a fairly budget build it builds up light and looks amazing. Quality is evident in the ease of building up, attention to detail in frame design and craftsmanship and the refined, lively and surefooted ride. She flys. This build it primarly as a quick city bike, but longer rides and alternative configurations make it everything from an urban fixie to a cross machine to a winter trainer and back to urban speedster. On One have nailed it with the classic Pompino, may it live forever. When my current urban singlespeed bites it or perhaps before I know what I am getting for myself:)

Billy Brown


  • Per Strøm, 27
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    zing zing
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  • Per


  • Steve

    Can I ask you what size frame that is? Thanks