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I don't normally name my bikes but this one is a Whippet and every dog needs a name. She's named after the Cafe's back home where you can enjoy Yorkshire Tea and Fat Rascals, and by 'eck she's fast! I've been off the MTB with an injury and training hard on the road so this weekend will be the first time she'll be let of the leash at Round 3 of the Welsh Mountain Bike Series on Sunday. Can't wait! Speaking of weight; 21lbs inc pedals - how's that? Bits: Group - SRAM XX Wheels - FRM/Spirit Hubs Fork - SID XX World Cup Brakes - Avid CR Mag Bars/Stem/S.Post - Reverse Components



  • Mike Hall, 29
  • Hobbies:
    Er...Riding Bikes?
  • Location:
    Cardiff / Derby,
    United Kingdom
  • Job:
    Design Engineer
  • Model:
    Carbon Whippet


  • EdwinL

    did you need the 1mm HDM washer?

  • AnthonyC

    Nice bike Mike, any idea what the weight came in at?