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On-One Bikes Current Projects

These are the projects that Brant and myself are working on for on-one , all in full swing now . Its our third "marriage" and good to have him back so we can build some fun stuff that looks back to those early days when it was such an amazing time starting in those early days. We only built stuff we wanted not what the market demanded.

"There will be no e-bikes round here this is a local bike shop for locals we dont want your sort in here "

A lot of these products are "going back to our roots", we're homeward bound , got our heads turned around, 
To the place of our birth 
Back down to earth.

In no particular order 

1/ Scandal 29er - Aluminium , 120mm fork , big tyres . 

2/ Inbred 29er - 120mm steel is real born again , with updated version .

3/ Ti Inbred 29 Evo - 29er 120mm fork , big tyres 

4/ Deedar Evo - Boost and Geometry update 

5/ Bootzipper 29er - Steel through axle mountain mash up , rigid only . 

6/ Bootzipper 650 - Steel through axle mountain mash up , rigid only , road wheels , MTB Drivetrain 

7/ Bootzipper 29er Steel Fork - 12mm through axle steel 29er segmented fork 

8/ Bootzipper 650 Steel Fork - As above 650 version 

9/ World Tour Rocket - alloy round the world bike .

10/ Steel Pickenflick - Its obvious , its ok . 

11/ Alloy Space Chicken - Dropper post , 650b , 

12/ Nitto Bar Project - Big Selection of bent and bull moose bars made by the worlds best tube benders and bar welders . 

13/Rim Project - High quality rim extrusions 100% made in Italy for Gravel/ MTN / Bootzippers in 6082 , 26 inch , 650 , 29er version . 

14/ Panaracer Tyre Project - Panaracer producing UK conditions gravel and all day tyre . 

15/ ON HOLD ::: Classic 26 Inch Inbred - The original with only minor tweaks for modern components 

16/ Classic Pompino - Slightly bigger clearance but not much to change 

17/ A2B Steel - new all day , all roads , knock arounder , with cantis , just cos I want one.

18/ ON HOLD ::: The Gimp. Because it seems like we’ve forgotten more about dirt jump bikes than most people know.