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Ed Oxley 'The Chop'

Ed Oxley 'The Chop'

Here's an exclusive for your eyes and ears, Ed Oxley has teamed up with Tim Royle at White No Sugar Productions to make a little film about lots of things that Ed holds close to heart, such as vintage motorbikes, didgeridoos, beards, and a bit of mountain biking too. After premiering at the Kendal Mountain Film Festival over the weekend this is the first time it's going to see the light of day.

From Hebden Bridge trails to Accrington weirdness, this one's a bit hard to explain, and I'm not sure if we can to be honest. All we know is that Ed is one of best around and, of course, because of this rides an On-One (in this case the 456 Evo). The film speaks for itself and it would be foolish to try and make sense of it all. However, maybe put down your lunch for the short duration…


Ed Oxley -
White No Sugar -
Hair: North West Barber Co -
Natural History: The Weird And The Wonderful -
Stag mask: Lahki
Music: Blossom by Nick Losse / Come back Life by Kadavar / Smokestack Ligthning by Howlin’ Wolf


18 November 2013