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Rovaniemi Results

Results are in and wounds and aching limbs are being soothed. Our intrepid racers who headed to Lapland this weekend for the Rovaniemi 150, an 150km race on tundra tracks in northern Finland are on their way back home with tales of daring do, epic pushes, hallucinations and drug abuse... 

The headlines... Shaggy had what is politely called a "stomach upset" for three days previously and yet still managed to power his way around to 2nd place behind a Czech chap who owned a pair of trousers with a zip off bum panel.

Brant, our Chief designer led off the line for all of about 200yards then went progressively backwards, forgot about tyre pressure being crucial, and by 3hrs had had more painkillers than gels. It all went a bit weird.

Ed had an amazing race, getting into third position by the 3rd check and not just holding, but extending his lead. Strength and determination built from pass-storming in the Lakes and long days in the saddle. Though he was still claiming last night that his 13hr training ride was harder.

The course was very soft due to unseasonable warm weather. The temperature rose to 0deg C for the time we were here which makes the snow hard/impossible to ride on. As we leave its dropped to -11c which is crazy.

Brant bailed early just after half way point to ride back in so he could get the beers in with Ed. And because his bum was sore. We have pics. It's awful.

A 26in pizza and lots of beer was a suitable cure, along with an evening checking out the northern lights,  and the guys will be all back in the uk this evening with more stories to tell.

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18 February 2013