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150km Through Lapland Snow

This Saturday, On-One is well represented in the second "Rovaniemi 150"- a 150km race on snow covered tracks in Lapland, the north of Finland, well above the Arctic Circle. Out there right now on board their Fatty bikes are Ed Oxley, Shaggy Ross and On-One/PlanetX/Titus Chief Designer Brant Richards, all kitted out to survive the long race, which is completely self supported, except for water stops at checkpoints along the route.

Shaggy and Brant both have previous in this area thought at different levels…  Shaggy has raced to 2nd place in this event last year as well as fourth in Iditabike, an Alaskan 300 mile snow race epic. Brant also did a shorter Iditabike a couple of times in the late '90's, but appears to have forgotten everything he learnt then, and it was back in the day before fat bikes existed. His training for this race has been exclusively riding around a 22mile road loop near his house on the prototype Planet X RT58 road bike, aside from the jaunt to Strathpuffer the other weekend, which Ali his physio still hasn't managed to get him back into shape from. Ed's been practicing in the snow, Rocking his Fat One along the Pennine Bridleway and just getting outside lots. All very different sorts of training, and Ed's experience of endurance riding isn't as arctic as the other two, but he's done Solo at the "Puffer" and has experience of riding to London on a motorbike in the snow.
Brant and Fatty take on the Rovaniemi 150
So it's anyone's guess how well they'll get on, and with Ed and Brant last seen heading to the pub on Wednesday, after still not having all their kit sorted out- our money is on Shaggy turning a clean set of icey heels leaving the Hebden Bridge locals slogging it out for style points. 

Beardy vs Baldy. We'll see what happens. 

Updates and progress will be reported on the race's official Facebook page here - - and we'll be bringing you more news next week. Note that Lapland is 2hrs ahead, the race starts at 9am Lapland time, so that's 7am UK time on Saturday.
Brant and Fatty take on the Rovaniemi 150

14 February 2013