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Texan Ambassador races On-Carbon 29er in Malaysia

Kristan Rivers is one of On-One 'Brand Ambassadors'. He's originally from Texas but it currently residing - and racing - in Malaysia.

Here's Kristan's report from the recent KIP MTB Jamboree in Malaysia...

"There were about 450 entrants at the starting line. As usual with Malaysia races there are no classifications other than Open Men and Open Women, so my 40-year-old butt has to go up against the fast kiddos, with no protection via the Vets Class.

"Pre-race performance excuse: prior to this race I had been on a business trip in Australia, and then was off sick from work for most of the week prior to the race. I reckoned on the Saturday that I was well enough to race on Sunday, so went for it. But that gave me all the excuses I needed in case (as in this instance) I didn't do as well as hoped for.

"Race starting point was the sales pavilion for a property development. Property prices in Singapore are so insane that first-time buyers who can't get on the property ladder in Singapore (starting price for a small three bedroom apartment - minimum £300,000!) are enticed to come to Malaysia where they can get a landed property for half that. We don't have time to sign the dotted line before the race...

"Usual Malaysia pre-race activities ensued - a prayer, a speech by some local dignitary (who showed up in a late model luxury car with tinted windows and some henchmen), the Malaysian national anthem, and then we were off.

"Race start was about 6km of roads before we hit the trail. I have only been in one race where I was more scared - that was a road race in Cambodia, around Angkor Wat, on cobbled/potholed roads that would rival the Paris-Roubaix!

"In this instance, the lead group of about 20 riders were a mix of about 5 foreigners (including myself) and the remainder a mix of Malaysian and Singapore riders. All of whom had seemingly never been in a pace line before. Even at speeds around 40km/hour people were slamming on brakes, jumping left and right without calling hazards, etc.

"After the 6km of road the race dived into a mix of muddy single and double track. I managed to pick up a few places, lose a few, and most importantly unlike the last race - keep air in my tires and my body above the bike. 

"2 hours and 35 minutes minutes later I rolled across the line in 19th place, out of 450 starters. Not bad, but was really hoping for a top ten. Next time, flu gods and business travel schedule permitting!"

Kristan's next race over there is in early May.

Kristan races on his On-One Carbon 29er. Here's Kristan's original YouTube application to become a Brand Ambassador for us...

25 April 2012