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Jeremyridesbikes loves the Dirty Disco

Who: Jeremy

What: Mountain Bikes, Commuting, and Cyclocross with some Beer and geekness on the side.

Where: Oregon

Why: Because life needs to be lived through intent, not by accident

How: Super IT guy by day.

I have been cycling since I was little guy in high school. I would “commute” to the comic shop to get comics every week after I got paid from my crappy bus boy job.

Jeremy writes...


"Something I’ve wanted since two frackin thousand frackin four.  A cyclocross bike with disc brakes.  Mainly for commuting and my hatred of canti brakes.

"Eight years.  



"Hoping the bike industry would change, I had to wait for a 2010 UCI ruling allowing for them in competition and Tim Johnson to win a USGP race on them to get the rest of the world to notice.

"When I bought my first Kona Jake in Boulder (2004) I said “Great bike, does it come with discs?”. The nice sales guy gave me the weirdest look. Something about killing myself with them or something was his response. Kind of like the kid in the Christmas Story “I’ll shoot my eye out.”

"Well now I can shoot my eye out thanks to On-One. Today is the day. I now have in my possession an On-One Dirty Disco cyclocross bike with DISC FRACKIN’ BRAKES! Woot! 

"I’ll have more pictures coming after I take her on the maiden voyage soon. For now here are some bike stand dispatches from the Evil Lair."


16 April 2012


  • RossW

    I have to say I love my Dirty Disco too. It's one of the best bikes I've every owned. I got mine maninly for commuting to/from work but i'm it's now become my go to bike for anything other than difficult offroad trails. So much so I've signed up to participate in the London to Paris 24hr ride in July.