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Shedfire is the blog and company site of Brant's design company. Brant was one of the founders of on-one but left in a huff about three years ago to go and do some business with someone else, and Shedfire was created then as a sort of melting pot of Northern artistic nonsense. Now he's back controlling design at on-one, Planet X and Titus, Shedfire continues to create the designs we're selling.

What that means for you reading this is that is a place to keep an eye on for early sneak previews of on-one and Planet X kit, and other wierdness. There's also a sidebar link to the official Shedfire twitterfeed which can occasionally get a little sweary

Not convinced? Here's some recent posts:-

29×2.25 sample


Odd afternoon in Taipei


I really just got this email. I love taiwan :-) 

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20 March 2012