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Our Lads are Back from the Strathpuffer


We came, we saw, we sort of conquered...


The Strathpuffer is always brutal. In it's relatively short history it's been raced in 5ft snow, across sheet ice, through hub deep slop seemingly designed to eat brake pads, with sub zero temperatures, rain, sleet, gale force winds and even occasionally a bit of sun...for the couple of hours that it isn't pitch black.


This year, continual returnee Twinklydave took the race by the scruff of the neck and ignored the lack of training he'd been able to put in beforehand. Pulling out a good lead by the 10 hour mark before succumbing to, of all things, a crash off a 5ft high bridge into a river bed, where he badly sprained his back and (try not to laugh...) got hit in the face by his bike as it followed him over the guard rail!

With a cut and bruised snoz his race was over, but in a mark of the way in which he'd flown his Scandal over the course, he managed to win the 'Fastest Lap' prize, beating all the team racers.

fastest lap

























Teammate Jason Miles, racing singlespeed for the first time in a 24 hour race on his shiny new Scandal, refused to allow the huge amount of climbing on each lap to slow him, leading the race after Dave crashed out on his bike's maiden voyage until late in the night. Once again the course fought back, with a mixture of thrashed back from the relentless rocky drops and slabs and a severe looking case of 'the bonk' putting him in the pits for a few hours until, with a steely resolution that got everyone watching cheering, he MTFUed big time, got back on and rode to the Singlespeed Category win!





















The overall solo race was taken in impressive style by Phil Simcock, long time training partner and crazy training schedule friend of Jason, who alternated between his On-One Scandal and Ti 456 throughout the flat out race, big congratulations to him!



10 January 2012