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Our lads are off to do the Strathpuffer

If it's January, it must be time for the year's coldest, darkest endurance race...

On-One team racers Dave Powell and Jason Miles are about to make the ridiculously long journey from the North West of England to the Scottish Highlands for the ridiculously tough Strathpuffer 24 hour race this weekend, both racing solo, both riding On-One Scandals.

The weather up there can change in a blink of an eye but at the moment the forecast is for high winds, mild(ish) temperatures and LOADS of mud. It sounds horrible, and it is! But ice – the usual Strathpuffer ground covering – is worse, they reckon.

Dave says, “I’ve done this bloody thing more times than I can remember now and I’ve come close to the win every time. I’ve eaten way too much Quality Street at Christmas and my leg hurts but we’ll see how we get on.

“With any luck the race will be easier than sitting on a turbo trainer, bedding in 12 pairs of brakepads,” he added before returning to the turbo.

Jason says, “I’ve only done this bloody thing once because I got out of it last year by heroically throwing myself on to the bonnet of a car the week before the race. I don’t think I can get away with that excuse two years on the run though. I’ve eaten way too much Quality Street at Christmas and my leg hurts.”

Good luck lads!


4 January 2012


  • Dave Haygarth

    Quality Street is the new EPO. Kick it you two... Will be watching online from a comfy sofa.

  • Jase

    That's an old photo..taken at the end of the 2010 race.

  • sponsor bitch

    Looks to me like Dave is still on his TD:1

  • BrantR (On-One Team)

    Keep your eye on the S.I. site for real-time lap timing…