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They can rebuild me

They can rebuild me

About four years ago, I dislocated my shoulder. Not doing anything dramatic - just leaning on a wall, whilst stood in a stream, trying to pick a stone out for Gracie (age 2). Shoulder popped out, and I had to walk a mile home, with a two year old, who then recounted the story to friends a couple of weeks later "My daddy hurt his arm. He fell in the stream. He said F*CKING HELL".

I broke my collarbone a year and a half ago too after trying to keep up with Matt Simmonds and Nigel Page on a DH testing day. Pretty stupid really. Four days after that happened, I had to go to Taiwan, and so it is this time too - I'm away Saturday to a trade show, but this time it's sort of planned.

Because the shoulder keeps popping out. It did it at Centreparcs on a Waterslide, it's done it in bed, its done it whilst swimming and to cap it all, on my "last ride in the valley before Surgery", it did it again.

So I'm out of action, off the bike, kind of out of choice this time, for THREE MONTHS.

If you're out of action, all the best. And in the mean time, I'm going to crack on with some cool designs I want to work on, and get me a nice sample frame sorted for my first ride back.



22 November 2011


  • Bruce

    Hope you're left handed...bit of a worry drawing straight lines with the "wrong" hand - the frames might come out all wobbly shapes (maybe that's where Norco's come from :-) ). At least you'll be healing over winter. Get well soon.

  • CrazyLarry

    I hope you get well fast;remember the unique qualities that the mind has in healing; one is knowledge get smarter with the "how" to heal > then go do it. Research research research. Knowledge is half the power. I'd love to hear more about the advances advantages advice of your quality line up of bike that are kick ass in design. I'd love to break a world record or two or three with your bike. All the very BEST for a speedy recovery. Take your time; let it heal right! For some hard core rides later.

  • ben

    Maybe you could use this time to stop pretending to fill us all in soon on the 29er carbon race/lurchers status & maybe actually write something ? Before everyone gets bored of waiting & buys one of the many other options now flooding the market. Pretty please....

  • Alec

    Heres to a popping-free future. Heal fast.

  • BVAY

    "...It did it at Centreparcs on a Waterslide, it's done it in bed, its done it whilst swimming..." It's done it in bed! As we say in the States, You da man! Get well soon, and do what the doctors tell ya... and you'll be back on it when the weather turns good again!

  • Guitar Ted

    All the best for a speedy and complete recovery, Brant.