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Meet the Team :: Twinklydave

Meet the Team :: Twinklydave

Name:: Dave Powell, Twinklydave,

Type of riding::
Endurance stuff - 24hr racing and the like. Big Huge Rides with Jase, mid pack cyclocross racing, mid pack road crits, anything involving pushing hard on a bike really...the sillier the better!

Aims for 2012::
Ride. Lots. Maybe win some races. Get on the podium at lots of races. Be out riding in the hills whenever possible. Amaze people!

Models of bike you'll be riding::
On-one Lurcher, Titus full suss 29er SuperRace, all of Brant's old bikes ;-)

Favourite supermarket::
Morrisons for real life, Booths if I'm trying to impress

Cycling proficiency pass?
Yes! The certificate is in a folder along with my degree.

What do you do for a job?
Move bits of paper round at a University. Teach people to ride bikes on the road. Slack off.

What you wanted to do when you were little? 
Never grow up. (Still trying)

6 November 2011