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Meet the Team :: Ed Oxley

Meet the Team :: Ed Oxley

Hard to describe Ed without using the B word. But let's try. Highly articulate, disarmingly skillful, wonderfully encouraging, farsighted, reliable, always smelling slightly of mud. Dad to Nial (you'll meet him in a couple of weeks). OH AND HE'S GOT A MASSIVE BEARD. Damn. Nearly did it.

Name: Ed Oxley

Type of riding: Mountain biking

Aims for 2012: For work; developing skills/holiday trips in Europe as well as at the UK courses. For play; enjoying riding bikes is enough, but

Models of bike you'll be riding:
Lurcher. I'd like an El Guapo as well please or other 160mm-ish bike.

Favourite supermarket: I don't do the shopping

Cycling proficiency pass?: Not sure it was invented when I was at school

What you do for a job: Run a mountain bike skills company

What you wanted to do when you were little: Long distance lorry driver

You can find Ed here, and at


3 November 2011