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Ed Oxley on the Lurcher

Ed Oxley of Great Rock Mountainbiking has been testing one of our Lurcher Carbon 29er samples and likes it very much. Ed is one of the new On-One and Titus brand ambassadors it's great to have him on board. He's an experienced MTB skills trainer and guide with a great attitude (and beard). After giving the Lurcher a thorough hammering at the Alpkit Big Shakeout outdoors festival the other weekend he reported:

"It was the first proper outing for the Lurcher which I had just built up. I was working at the event leading rides out into the White Peak and giving some riding tips too. Really enjoying the bike so far. It's quite different from my usual, heavier built bikes. I've been surprised at how much fun the big wheeler is too."
Ed Oxley on the new Lurcher Carbon 29er
The Lurcher is our highly anticipated, lightweight, Swap-Out equipped Carbon 29er frame and we're very excited about it. Yes, it's been a long time coming, but at least now, we're sure that it's going to be just right. And at a projected retail price from just £499 it won't break the bank either.
Ed Oxley on the new Lurcher Carbon 29er

The first production frames, available in a black and white single speed model in 18 inch only, are due to arrive before Christmas. Other sizes and colours with full gear cable routing are due in the New year- we'll keep you updated and hopefully will have a pre-order open soon…
Ed Oxley on the new Lurcher Carbon 29er
Check out Ed at Great Rock here

27 October 2011


  • Gabor

    So won't be the black one available with full cable routing? :S

  • Matthew

    I have been eagerly anticipating one of these however SS or rigid wouldnt really work for me. Plus I wouldnt have the time or expertise to build a bike completely myself so wondered if it will be: Carbon or Alu? Available geared - 20 speed? With suspension? Available as a complete build? In 18? Cheers!

  • mike smith

    What's happened to the launch of the lurched? When can we expect stock aind to be able to purchase?

  • Andrew Cunningham

    What's the BB size?

  • BrantR (On-One Team)

    OK Answers:- Clink: Well, 69.5deg (16in) or 70.5 deg(18, 19.5, 21). Chainstay is 444mm Marcuss: Yes - 21in is coming. Dumper: It does use Hi Mod, as do most frames these days. Less of a fuss is made. Geared frames about 3 months away. More Race frames are coming. Hans: The 19.5in and 21in frame will be available from our US store in 3 months. ThomasK: A normal headset -the smoothie mixer - is available from us. Geometry is as per our other 29ers. I shall confirm all specs nearer the time.

  • ThomasK

    Just in time, i'm due a new frame! Looks like a good bet for my race S/S build! What is the headtube length and effective TT on an 18"? Weight below 1500g? Do you sell a normal (non adjustable) headset to accept a 1 1/8" steerer to fit this frame? Argh! too many questions! Cheers.

  • Hans

    I have an 26er inbred, and I love it! It's a 20inch though, is there any ETA on a 20inch version shippable from the US store? Im 6'4', this would be my dream bike, ticks all the boxes!

  • Dumper

    £499...not using Hi Mod Carbon like the 29er Race? When you say only Black/white Single Speed only, does that mean that the other swapouts for gears will be along later? I want a Lurcher for training and a 29er Race for racing, will you be getting anymore of the Race frames in?

  • marcuss

    I like the look of the last carbon 29er you did, but that never materialsied in more than one size. You sure you're gonna do something in xl/21"?

  • Clink

    So a 70deg or 70.5 deg head angle? Presume with the 100m forks - or will it take 120mm? Presume chainstay still about 444mm?

  • BrantR (On-One Team)

    Headset is our tapered standard which will take our new 2deg slackset. We're also working on a new Slackset which will take tapered forks and still offer a 1.5deg slacker head angle. With these options, and the amazing weight and strength of this frame, we think we've got the best 29er carbon frame, well, any 29er frame, on the market.

  • Clink

    Any changes to frame or geo?