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Brants Future On-One USA

Brant Richards is now fully back on board and pushing On-One and Titus designs forward at a rate of knots. And as the On-One and Titus website opens this week it's time to reflect on both companies past histories and future aspirations in the USA.

It started out as a sort of swap for some work for Planet X that I never did- Planet X owner, Dave, let me take a sample singlespeed frame home, and I was meant to fix some mudguards for him. I loved the frame, and Dave and me set On-One up as a Planet-X sub-brand. Check out an original On-One Growler- not bad at all for the time...
Original Planet X Full Sus Growler

We grew quickly to be the go-to-guys for production singlespeed stuff in the UK, added the Pompino, then added gears, titanium, weird handlebars… I started hanging out with slack head angled, big forked boys and got a Summer Season to help me keep up. On-One grew, me and Dave grew apart. I flounced off and established a few brands and did a bunch of development for some other people. Dave charged on with Planet X and On-One. Acquired Titus. Ray died. Dave and I met again. We got back together.

So lots to do. Carbon's appeared since I left, and seems to be going well, if a little slow to production. We're on with that 29er Lurcher that should be here, but isn't'. It will be. And it's great!
New On-One Lurcher Coming Soon!!!

That's Shiggy- On-One / Titus USA Out There Designer!!!Shiggy, who helped me make the Midge bars years ago turns out to be a pretty smart frame designer - he's done great work on the Fat Bike, as well as tyres (which we always knew he could do) and a sort of "adventure drop bar" bike he's working on, and he's also properly working for us. 9-5, turning up, moving stuff. Real life Shiggy. Even he's amazed.

We've got Michael Golinski, another singlespeed self-starting legend, who's running our new operation out of Portland, Oregon, who is "the man" when it comes to loving big wheels, hard tails, fast zippy race bikes and all that running the ship.
Head of On-One / Titus USA Michael Golinski
Ricki Kirton is another legend - he came to us in the early days of Planet X as a teenage trials rider, and stuck it out during the cold winters and dizzy hot summers in our tiny warehouse. He left, joined the army, came back smarter, organised, and unflappable. Don't know what the military did to him, but it's good and he's now to be based in Portland because he's run out of girls in the UK, or something.

So what about the product? Well - everything is going to change, but everything is going to stay the same… We're still going to have the same core items. So take On-One… Right now we're working on a new revision of the 456, which brings things a little bit up to date, cleans up the lines, adds some performance. Cleaning up is a theme of things across the range… a few more models, some more focussed, some staying "adaptable".

TitusTitus is a bit of a scary one. Inheriting a design ethos and direction, a design style - that's a fun one to take on. We've a slightly revised El Guapo coming in a few months with a few small styling and function modifications, and then we'll roll into more distinct model changes and "additions" through 2012. What does "additions" mean? Well - firstly, we LOVE the El Guapo platform. It's actually the first time I've spent a great deal of time on a Horst Link bike, but I love the performance, and that system is as viable today as any other system out there. Additions? Thing "bigger" and "smaller". More soon!

Other stuff? We've had UK and European testers out on the Rockstar Carbon sample that was shown at Sea Otter, and we're experimenting with shock tunes and other mods right now to get that into production. We are working with three US based manufacturers for frames too, and that's set to continue.

It's a long way to Tempe, Arizona from Todmorden, Calderdale, but we will definitely have a "USA" line running deep through the Titus product. And we're all truly in a win win situation - us and you - as Titus made us look at the USA and commit to our presence there, which means that On-One gets focussed directly owned distribution. Planet X has gone global, but in a way that means we can directly interact with you unlike any other brand. It's been quite a ride, and there's lots more to do. Come along with us.
Brant Richards on the Future of On One and Titus USA

23 September 2011


  • Jeremy Schroeder

    Brant, I've seen the passion in the Portland crew's eyes and the hunger to make something really amazing. I enjoy my myself every time I drop in to get updates. With the experience you've assembled there I believe the Portland office will be hugely successful. I can't wait to see what happens next. Jeremy

  • Barry Smethurst

    Good to see things are still progressing and I am looking forward to the future. The Titus Alu FTM you sold me in June is sweet and people in Slovakia (been living there for 10 wks) love it :P. Hope you can fix my old 2007 Carbon Motolite in the future as its still a cool bike and its sad to see it as an ornament. Baz

  • BrantR (On-One Team)

    I still have my Team Wrong-Way Jersey! I threw a lot of my Lycra away, but still have that :-)

  • Aaron

    All the best to Planet X / On One / Titus & people behind them! Can't wait for the revised or updated 456. Love the geometry! Cheers...

  • KennyMac

    Unaccustomed as I am to back slapping and dishing out praise I would like to say this. I recently bought a 456 carbon after procrastinating for months over a new full suss. In the end I bottled out of spending far too much money on something that wasn't going to be overly different from my existing bike. Great decision. The 456 is an awesome bike and I am flying at the moment. My 'Mojo' is back. Cheers team. KennyMac

  • Scott Schlachter

    Yeay! I'm so stoked in the direction you guys are going. Titus seems like a perfect compliment. Team Wrong Way (my little SF bay area team) was sponsored by On-One years back and we all raced our Inbred SSs. So cool that we can now order direct stateside and save the big shipping. I finally just ordered that Merino jersey I've been eyeing forever... Keep up the coolness, dudes...