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Giorgio Wins on Carbon 29er

Piergiorgio Giacovazzo is anchor man for the second channel news in Italy- Rai Tg2. He rides for the Planet X Guru team but is also a top flight cross country MTB racer, recently riding the On-One Carbon 29er race to an excellent victory in the Italian Journalists MTB Championship on May 22nd. Here's his candid description of events back home...

"Cold and curious, that’s the way I get her every time I’m back home from a bicycle race... Cold, because my Italian girlfriend wants to make me feel guilty for my causeless absence: my job is journalism, not cycling – she loves to remind me. Curious, cause she badly wants to know how I performed, even if she would never come to the race field. I never found her so curious like last Sunday, when I came back from the Italian Journalists  MTB Championship...
-Ciao Rita, I’m home!
-Finally! How did it go?
Giorgio Wins Italian Journalsits Championship On Carbon 29er Race

"She doesn’t even leave the stoves as she pretends to look too busy to come to the door and kiss me after two days.

- I love you too Rita! It’s been a long drive to Lombardia, 500 km to go yesterday, than a tough race this morning, and 500 km driving back here in Rome.
-How did it go?

-Rita, You know that kind of race is a trick. There are so many riders who claims they are journalist just because they write an article once a year, but they come from pro cycling and keep on pedalling 25 thousands km per year…
-And how did it go this time?

-You know that I struggle to find the time to train every week. Who’s gonna anchor the news on channel two if I’m cycling? Rita…
-So, Piergiorgio, How did it go?

-You know it’s more difficult when you are using a totally different bike. I was the only one on a 29er! Every other rider was staring at my On One 29er from Planet-X. A new planet for them…
-Did you use it? You just tried it three times! How was it?

-Great on fast sections! The 29 inches wheel absorbs big holes, rocks and roots much better than the smaller 26 inches. And since it’s bigger, it keeps the speed spinning by itself. It makes you feel the difference when you speed over 30 km/h.
-Piergiorgio, I can’t believe you left home your beloved Cannondale frame…

-Check in the garage, Rita.

The On One Frame is lighter and the set up is superior: FRM top front suspension and FRM special parts with Shimano Xtr shift and brakes respond not to your actions but to your thoughts! You just need to think to do something and the bike has already done it.

-You still haven’t answered: how did it go?

-Sweet heart, you know that every year there’s a new kid on the track, willing to conquer the world. I’m getting older, more busy, and bronchitis never gave me a break in the past four weeks, I still have fever. I went up there especially for the Planet-X guys, they’ve been so nice supporting me with the new On-One 29er and all the stuff I needed, I couldn’t tell them that I stayed home…

She’s the sweetest girl on heart when she surrenders. She sat on the sofa so close to me, I could fell her warm body. She laid her head on my chest and smoothly asked:

-Tell me Pier, how did it go?

-I won!!!

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Giorgio Wins Italian Journalsits Championship On Carbon 29er Race



27 May 2011


  • The Golden Orb

    Now if there is an English Acupuncturists / Yoga teacher competition... I may just be in with a chance ;)