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Scott Forbes checks in with On One

After a hectic start to the year letting the Whippet off the leash, Globetrotting pilot and On-One racer Scott checks in with a round up of his month.

Scott Forbes On One Imbred


The Gorrick Spring Series Round 1 was the scene for the Whippets next competitive outing and Unbelievably shone through a strong field and fast falling darkness to be top dog on the podium again and cap off a hat-trick of wins, despite Scott binning it on a tricky root on the last lap and having to pick himself up, catch the leader and power past to victory in the winter gloom.

Fitting in his training and riding around work means Scott has to think smart - hence the amazing 1/2 inbred  so when jetting out of the UK and leaving 'Blue Monday' behind to get some rays on the most depressing day of the year, training is not skipped.... Its a hard life taking the bike out for a spin in Antigua.

For a Pilot to freely admit he has crashed all but one of the modes of transport he has ever used is a bit worrying, but fear not paying passengers - today was the turn of the travel bike to bear the scars... along with Scott as he skidded across the Caribbean tarmac and clattering into a kerb.

Back in the UK and patched up Brass Monkeys Round 3 was next on the calendar. The effects of all the travel, the crashes and 'that' cold that everyone seems to have had left the Whippet a mountain to climb... and riding the last lap with a puncture never helps... the Whippets unbeaten record was broken.... still a podium finish when not barking on all cylinders 'aint too shaggy!

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Check out Scotts ride in close up in our Readers Rides - be sure to submit your own ride if your On-One!


Scott Forbes On One Whippet

Scott Forbes On One Whippet

7 February 2011