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Whippet Wins Brass Monkeys

The On-One Whippet is off the leash!

Just before Christmas we handed over a Whippet bike to our tame racing rider Scott Forbes as he continues his winter training in preparation for the British XC Mountain Bike Series.

The first run out was the Brass Monkeys round 2, after a limited amount of time to dial in his set up Scott set about turning the wheels in anger in the 2 hour mud fest and let Whippet off its leash and start marking its territory.

The frame is exactly the same as can be ordered here, no special team only kit at On-One, even the tyres were straight out of our amazing half price Schwalbe promotion, with Scott selecting the Schwalbe Racing Ralph Evolution Folding Tyres to tame the muddy conditions caused by the thawing snow.

Being a UK designed frame for UK conditions means there is some pretty impressive mud clearance on the Whippet-  a fact not lost on Scott as he powered to the top of the podium to take the Whippet's 1st competitive race win.

Racing in the UK winter is tough on bikes but the Whippet handled it with ease and while others pulled out through mechanicals I was able to press on unhindered.

“So after two hours and twenty minutes I crossed the line with my first Win on the new Carbon Whippet and after a quick wash the bike looked like new again". The Whippet, man’s best friend...

Just to prove that was no fluke, the Whippet also took to the traps at the SPAM winter Challenge – Scott just about making it despite the global meltdown caused by the iPhone alarm bug!

50k hammered out on another muddy course saw the Whippet leave allcommers trailing again as it raced to top dog on the time sheet , eclipsing all the CycloCross bikes too!

“With such a sticky mix of clay and wet grass I was sure the bike was going to bog up but the Whippets rear tyre clearance is fantastic and apart from running out of grip a few times I really didn’t suffer too bad.

The On One Whippet Clean and Ready to Race"I kept the pace high and looked forward to the last couple of miles which are run around the proper mountain bike trails. Long steep descents and a few drop-offs later I was crossing the line for the second win in 5 days.

"Again the little Whippet performed perfectly and after a good wash it’s back in the kennel waiting for another outing.”

You can follow On-One and Scott’s progress on Twitter @ononescott or via his blog

Action photos

Any more 'dog' puns to [email protected]

scott forbes wins brass monkeys on whippet

scott forbes wins brass monkeys on whippet

5 January 2011


  • ThomasH (On-One Team)

    Hi Wolfie, this is a tricky one really. According to our designer there should be no reason why carbon would change its properties under extreme conditions. In fact Carbon will cope with corosion caused by moisture much better than your Inbred does. Having said that we haven't had chance to test the Whippet in truly extreme cold, even though we've had a pretty severe winter (by UK standards!) where our team riders have been testing the Whippet throughout.

  • Wolfie

    I'm from Minnesota,united states. half the year it,s snow and cold how does the carbon whippit frame hold up in cold temps and jumps. I'm running a inbred right now will the carbon frame do well in this climate, I,m stuck between steel I'm used to with it's nice flex abilities and upgrading to carbon. What do you suggest?

  • JonB (On-One Team)

    We believe he's using a 90mm stem Darren.

  • Darren

    any idea what length stem scott is using on his bike? just starting to strip my donor bike to swap the bits over to my new shiny whippet frame.

  • Steve Smith

    I met Scott after the SPAM Winter Challenge when he was hosing the Whippet down. Really nice bloke, who took time out to discuss the Whippet - and was extremely complimentary and knowledgeable about it. It really is a good looking bike in the flesh as well. Just need to pursuade the missus that I really need to transfer all my current bike bits on to a new frame and ditch the current scandium model!

  • JonB (On One Team)

    Cheers for that Duffer! Scott is still in the air, apparently he's in Ghana at the moment. But I'm sure he'll have his 'half Inbred' in his suitcase...

  • Duffer

    Coongrats on the wins! It'll be good to see more On-Ones winning national events. Is Scott still flying? Or is he now a professional cyclist?