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Titus: What Happens Next?

Titus: What Happens Next?

Titus Bikes is alive, if not yet well.  Since the acquisition of the Titus brand, trademarks and assets by On-One Bikes on 23 November 2010 we have been working hard to sort out what we have and how to move forward to serve the loyal and future owners of Titus bicycles.

As many of you will be aware, Titus produce some of the finest aluminium and carbon full suspension bikes on the market but frankly at this time the company is a mess. Suppliers have gone unpaid. Component part source documents are incomplete. Warranty claims have been stalled. There are still decisions to be made and problems to be solved, but we are working on it.

These are some of the issues we’re currently attending to:

1: Stevo, On-One's chief designer, is currently in Asia sorting out the pieces sourced from Taiwan and China.
2: All Titus Bikes product in Tempe Arizona is being shipped to our US partner in Oregon to be checked against the inventory records and assembled into complete frames, ready for sale, as quickly as possible.
3: We are insuring that we retain and acquire adequate parts for warranty replacement and learning which  parts we need (see separate warranty statement).
4: Former distributors, dealers and employees have been and are being contacted to help fill in the information we need that is not in the records.
5: A new website is in process, along with transfer of the Titus Bikes domain names and other Internet accounts.
6: We are having constant discussions of how we will move Titus forward. Nothing in the current product line has been ruled out.
7: Titus Bikes will continue as a stand-alone brand. We are here for the long haul.

There is a lot of work for us to realize our ambitions so don’t expect any big headlines or re-launches this side of Christmas but we may have a little stock to sell in the mean time, so sign up to the newsletter on the Titus or On-One sites to stay in the loop.

If you have any concerns relating to warranty or support please click here for more information.

If you have a Titus warranty or repair issue please click here

3 December 2010


  • JonB (On-One Team)

    Cheers Jamie! We're clearing out full sus frames at bargain prices here: Fill your boots!

  • Jamie Knivett

    Great you are continuing, please let me know when you have full suss frames available, i cant wait to much longer :-) and congratulations on the new business venture!

  • mark wiggans

    Hi I currently own 2 Racer X, one being exogrid, i am in need of relacement rear swingarm plastic bushings and the metal inserts. Both are the box section swingarms and not the later slimmer tubes.Do you have any stock ??

  • JonB (On One Team)

    Hi Matt. We are going to offer full warranty protection and after sales service. A statement on warranty issues and concerns can be found here: Don't worry- we won't leave Titus owners in the lurch!

  • matt thomas

    I have a new titus fireline exogrid. Just curious about possible warranty issues and service? Thanks.