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On-One Purchase of Titus Bikes Official Press Release

On-One Purchase of Titus Bikes Official Press Release

On One, the Mountain Bike Division of Planet X Ltd (Rotherham, UK) has acquired the brand, trade marks and assets of Titus Bikes Inc (Tempe, USA).  The Titus acquisition complements the On One range, with the addition of high quality full suspension models. By leveraging our experience in carbon and titanium bike development we intend to build on the already strong Titus range.

In addition the Titus brand and loyal customers will provide a boost to On One’s planned expansion into the US in 2011.

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25 November 2010


  • Sergio Herrera

    On Jays comments cleaned up it could be called the " Down-Hilldrome". By the way, thanks for your prompt response to some of my inquiries, I look forward to future success for Titus under your management. I really believe you guys have a Great opportunity to take something great to a whole new level. Titus Fan Sergio

  • JonB (On One Team)

    Hi Jay. Thanks for your ideas and suggestions, we'll take them on board. And the rather un-pc but excellent name too ;)

  • Jay Williams

    I am glad you purchased Titus, rather than Pacific doing so. That would have been a tragedy. I am a multiple Titus owner from Arizona, and I have a suggestion: please, please, I and the rest of us beg you, don't send all frame production to Taiwan. I understand that carbon work requires Taiwan's aerospace capacity, but the US and UK both need to produce durable, quality consumer goods. Because Titus uses the 4-bar rear end, the only thing that has differentiated them from Specialized has been handmade quality and attention to detail. In essence, you got a great deal on the company because they went to Taiwan in 2006, and alienated most of their customers. They came home, making many frames at the US Kinesis factory, but never recovered from the damage to their brand. I refer you to the current state of Chumba as a perfect example. Otherwise, Specialized and Santa Cruz will kick Titus' butt on lower price and equal quality. You do not want to compete against the big boys like Giant with a more expensive product that is built at Hodaka. Titus has always, until recently, duked it out with Ventana and Ellsworth on the hand built end of things. Oh, and my wife loves her custom TI Motolite. She requests a continuation of the custom TI program so she can have more custom Titus products. Love the names of your bikes: Reetard and Inbred. Maybe a DH ride called the Down Syndrome?

  • Stefano T. fabrizi