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On-One Buy Titus Bikes!

We've got a new bike.... company!  The rumours are true. Dave Loughran, our intrepid leader went out to buy a new fax machine and came back with a new company. That's right, we've purchased the brand, trademarks and assets of the legendary Titus Bikes, the purveyors of fine carbon and titanium bike porn.

To say that we're excited is a bit of an understatement. Think full suspension bling with spashes of carbon and titanium where it matters.

There is a lot of work for us to realise our ambitions so don’t expect any big headlines or re-launches this this side of  Christmas but we may have a little stock to sell in the mean time, so sign up to the newsletter to stay in the loop.

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Here are few pictures to whet your appetite.

On-One Buy Titus BikesOn-One Buy Titus BikesOn-One Buy Titus BikesOn-One Buy Titus Bikes


25 November 2010


  • Vicent Mike

    Goooood Luck guys!!!

  • chrism

    Hope for the sakes of on-one buyers warrantys you haven't over stretched yourselves . Best of luck hope the plan works.

  • MattK (On One Team)

    Thanks Duffman, the plan is a work in progress. We do know that we want to build on Titus's strong American heritage. Although have intentions to launch On One in the US we don't have any plans to badge one brand up as another.

  • MattK (On One Team)

    Thanks Sergio. We are very aware of the warranty concerns and don't want to leave customers in limbo. Right now we're not sure ourselves on what we can offer in terms of replacement parts but we don't want to neglect our new customers and are working on plan for the new year.

  • Sergio

    Glad to hear a good company stepped to the plate. I hope Titus can stand back up strong as ever. As a recent buyer of yet another Titus bike, I hope you can work with current customers in the US on resolving some warranty issues, many of us invested in our bikes because of our love for the design and customer service they brought to the table. However, many of us feel a bit left in limbo with very expensive new bikes and no warranty. I hope this will all turn out positive and I can wear my kit with pride again. Thanks Sergio

  • Duffman

    So what's the plan then, chaps? Are you intending to bring Titus frames to the UK market? Perhaps market On-One frames in the US, branded as Titus? I realise it's still early days, but it's an interesting story to follow. Best of luck trying to get a bankrupt company back on it's feet!