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Who's Who at On-One: Part 1

The first in a series of collectable pull out and keep articles on some of the key players in the On-One Team kicks off with BMX superstar Ben Manuel and his forthcoming On-One 20" wheeler...

After joining On-One less than 6 months ago cheerful clock watcher Ben has somehow managed to blag the boss into making him his first signature BMX frame due to be cleverly named BenMX. The first ever kids (soz) frame made by On-One is a real good looking design, clean and simple with some subtle up to date ideas and Stevo's nuclear lime green paint... It's also shaping up to be about as good as anything else on the market, Ben says.

Ten years of riding a BMX professionally and an addiction to AC/DC hasn't diminished Ben's steadfast attitude to challenges both on and off the ramp. One of the more technically accomplished riders amongst us he is the kind of skillful smug git who'll get on a Lincolnshire Poacher and start doing bunny hops on his front wheel. He is also the life and soul of any office party and is odds on favourite for the photocopier artwork award this Christmas.

Testing will start shortly at Ben's indoor skatepark in Upton, West Yorkshire and he hopes to be releasing these early in the new year after a real good thrashing.

The BenMX will feature:

Secret but extremely good signature geometry
4130 heat treated cromoly steel
Internal headset
Mid size press fit bb
Removable gyro tabs
Removable brake mounts
Rear brake mounts mounted on seatstay
Pivitol seat clamp built into the frame
Taperlock dropouts for 14mm axles
Glow in the dark paint
Hollow cut headtube logo

Here's a sneaky pic at the frame and some shots of the BMX genius in action- the man sure can fly...

Ben Manuel On-One Ben MXBen Manuel On-OneBen Manuel On-OneBen Manuel On-One


18 November 2010


  • munded

    I'm sure you guys made some BMXs before. Black and white ones, and even made some accompanying stems...

  • benm (On One Team)

    hi kiwi, the frame would be too small in the current size of 20.5" top tube, we may be doing one in a 21" for the taller guys, cheers for the feedback

  • Kiwi

    The Pivitol clamp built into the frame idea is nice but I was hoping for a height adjustable seat post - that same mental colour of course. I'm 6' and at the end of a run I like to park me but and roll around a bit, but with the seat that low I'd be knee in chin just about! Still want one though...

  • benm (On One Team)

    potentially somewhere around the £170-£200 with a 2 year warrenty ben


    looks awesome!!! any ideas on price?