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Postcard from Denver

Hot on the heels of his visit to Planet X / On-One HQ to test ride the new Carbon Whippet, Scott Forbes jetted out to Denver, Colorado with his 1/2 Inbred in tow. Seems the On-One office has already had a bad influence  - as after a full fat, leaded Starbucks, Scott set out on his bike. Here's his postcard from Denver:

"Lookout Peak in the Rockies just west of Denver, where the road starts at a steady 5500ft and tops out at a lung busting 8000ft is one of the most popular rides in Colorado. Halfway up the pass I came across Buffalo Bill's grave and thought it was worthy of a photo, also the excuse to stop and get my breath back was probably the main factor. As random places go this has to be one of them."

"The ride up the pass took about an hour and I had to work hard to keep with a bunch of roadies but the descent was something else. I could really flick through the corners fast and had so much confidence in the handling that no one could take the pace and soon I had the whole road to myself."

"The Inbred passport is filling up fast and the bike has flown over 40,000 miles now but always gets admiring comments off everyone who sees her, I have to say there is something very comforting about being on your favourite ride when you are 5000 miles from home."
More travel stories to come...
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Scott Forbes postcard from Denver

Scott Forbes postcard from Denver

Scott Forbes postcard from Denver

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1 November 2010