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Whippet Wins World Cup Points

On-One rider Helen Clayton battled horrnedous muddy conditions at the MTB Orienteering World Cup in Italy last weekend, gaining her first World Cup ranking on the carbon Whippet.  While other riders were caked up with sticky mud, Helen found the Whippet's phenomenal clearance gave her the edge.

Here's her full race report:

First it was the Sprint Race…
"We started off in freezing cold pouring rain- really not what I was expecting of Italy mid September! The course had some good downhill and should have been really fast if the weather was good, but it wasn’t.

"Once riding it took me a while to get into the map, as I hadn’t done much navigation since the junior world champs. The second half of the race was much better and I arrived at the finish muddy, but not caked in mud that totally clogged and stopped some people’s wheels.
"My result was a respectable 32nd and I was happy to be close to the other juniors.

Then the Middle Distance…
"The weather was much better which made the pre race area much more relaxed and enjoyable. After a couple of small mistakes towards the first few control check points I got into the swing of the course though I struggled with the mud, which had dried sufficiently to totally block up my front wheel. But the whippet has such great clearance at the back that I was the envy of the other competitors who had both wheels clogging!

"I rode very smoothly for the majority of the course and when the potential World Cup winner caught me at control 7 I was able to keep with her. I felt goood with the map and made a different route choice to control 9, which resulted in me getting to the finish before her. I was really pleased with this as it shows that I was able to make my own choices even with the distraction and temptation of the potential winner to follow.
"I finished in 30th place which means that I have got world cup points and I will therefore be ranked next year…
"We arrived at the airport 5 hours early so decided to put our bikes in storage and go for a romantic meal in Venice! Venice is amazing we had a walk around, saw the sunset and experienced boy racers, Venice style! They have pimped up boats with blaring music and LED's! Gotta love the Italians…
"All in all a very good trip with some great experiences and really good experience for the world champs next year!
See you soon,
Helen Clayton MTBO World Cup Italy

Helen Clayton MTBO World Cup Italy

23 September 2010