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Helen Clayton at MTBO Worlds

On-One Team Rider and general good sport Helen Clayton will be flying the British flag at this weekend's MTB Orienteering World Cup final round, to be held at Teolo, near Venice, Italy. Helen's riding the new Whippet bike- and loving how it. She's also a tinsy bit nervous about her first proper grown up World Cup race:

"I’m very excited and a little apprehensive for a number of reasons. The first being that the organisers have had to change the race areas due to extreme weather conditions which have damaged areas and made some paths impassable. I have also just checked the weather and it's due to be heavy rain all weekend, great, just when I wanted I bit of sunshine before I return to uni! At least it will suit us Brits over the rest of the Europeans who don’t experience such delights on a regular basis! Looks like it’s going to be a muddy weekend… I'll make sure there’s some amusing photos of us caked in mud!"
Helen Clayton MTBO World Cup Portugal
"The second reason is because it’ll be my first proper international race, having being riding junior this year. I’m looking forward to seeing where I fair against the big guns! There is a sprint race on Saturday, estimated to be won in around 25minutes, which is going to be intense especially on the technically demanding terrain. And a middle distance race on Sunday, with an estimated winning time of 50mins and coinciding with the Italian National Champs. This race should suit me, being as it’s a similar distance and technical level as the middle race in Portugal at the junior world champs where I finished 8th!"

"My preparation for this world cup hasn’t run quite as smoothly as I'd have hoped, as I came down with a streaming cold two weeks before I was due to leave, just the time when I was aiming to get a tough weeks training in. But I was feeling pretty strong on my final prep ride the other evening. When my team mate said; “are you getting better at this technical stuff or is it just that new bike of yours?!” I personally think it’s a bit of both, I’m much more confident on the rough stuff because I’ve been riding much more and because the Whippet is so responsive and quick!"

"I’ll let you know how the whippet copes with its first international races!"


Helen Clayton rides On-One Whippet

16 September 2010