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Metcalfe 4X National Champ

Big weekend this one. The 5th round of the NSP 4x series and the National Championship race, this wasn’t going to be easy. Full English breakfast, the parents, myself and friend Nigel Smith- master’s rider, 6 hours drive to get to Devon…

Track looked good, double to a roller to a step, a step up to 5 or 6 steps on the inside of the first right hand corner. Straight to a left hand corner, to a table and a double followed by a flat right hand corner to a little drop to a small rock garden and a left hand corner. A drop into 4 rollers, these rollers were so close together any little mistake and you were straight off, this lead into the last right hand corner to the pro set or the amateur line, the amateur line only had a couple of tables and the pro line had a 4m double with at 6m step up to a 4m step down to finish. Was feeling really good on this track.

Alex metcalfe 4X On-One rider

After Friday's open practice a few of us headed down to Westwood Ho! to cause mayhem on the go-carts- good to get some real competitive nerves out in the open. A good night’s sleep, waking up to rain, not good- the rain didn’t seem to stop for ages…

Today was the day I got to try the new bike out against some real riders, the cro-mo 456 Summer Season by On-One, bit nervous as this was only its second race and the track was getting loose. Race time, track had dried pretty well and I was ready, had the bike working, track dialled…

1st race was good, gate one, snapped out into the lead and lead down the track, kept a comfortable lead to the finish. Next race I took the lead, came up to the flat right corner and lost my back wheel and slid out wide leaving a gap which Tom Knight happily went through, once I got my foot clipped back in I chased after him, but not quick enough and came with second. 3rd race, gate 4, not a good gate and came out the first straight in 3rd, but made a move in the 2nd burm and followed down to the finish in 2nd. Last race, gate one, this was by far the best gate to have. I snapped and kept on the inside line, staying in front. Keeping smooth and low, not making any silly mistakes, finishing first.

Final time, Tom got first pick, me and Chris got the same points, so he got first pick as his surname was before mine, so I ended up with gate 3, not happy, gate dropped and it was four abreast down the first straight, came across and got tight on Chris, he then crashed which left me to chase down Tom, however I didn’t catch him in time and finished 2nd. Good result, not the one I wanted but tomorrow was the BIG ONE…

Alex Metcalfe National 4X Youth Champion

Sunday morning, weather seemed a lot better- crunch time, bit of pressure. Started well, moto’s weren’t too hard, got through with 4 wins, making sure I didn’t make any mistakes. The final, and I was ready, nervous, but ready, gate 2, me and Tom had same points so he got first gate pick, I was alright with gate 2. Tom on my right, Adam Thomas on my left, Chris in gate 4. Time to shine, the On-One shirt was on, and the bright orange 456 Summer Season was roaring to go. Gate dropped and I had an amazing snap, a bike length in front on my gate, as soon as I left the 10m line I came across on Tom making sure he had nowhere to go and he hit a mud pile on the first burm. He stayed on though, I lead the race all the way to the last burm, I wasn’t feeling the pro set today so I took the amateur line, but Tom took the pro line, it was a tough battle to the line and I took it buy about half a bike length!

National Champion I couldn’t believe it! So chuffed… The whole weekend was amazing, great bike from On-One, looking forward to getting on the Carbon next time.
Alex Metcalfe National 4X Youth Champion

19 August 2010