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Helen Clayton on the Whippet

"First ride on the Whippet… WOW! 

As I was racing the Whippet on in the Midland XC series race at Dronfield (Sunday August 1st), I took it for a test run over Stannage in the Peak District. Lucy and I arrived to meet Marco and much to his surprise we unloaded our mountain bikes! We were also test riding the new Pissei kit, which is very comfortable, as it fits perfectly and doesn’t ride up at all, not to mention the beautiful colour schemes it comes in. Once we had finished having our photos taken and Marco had declared that it was January and not July (!) as it was 12 degrees… not really shorts and jersey weather but we warmed up eventually, we headed down the road and up Stannage causeway. This is when I realised that the whippet really does live up to its name! I got out the saddle on the road climb up to the causeway and it nearly threw me off!  It’s really responsive and a little twitchy for those of us used to riding road bikes and less responsive mountain bikes with longer stems! It will take some getting used to but I can tell it’s going to be quick, and make technical riding much better.

After about 5 minutes of riding up the causeway we came to an obstacle…. Mud! And in true girly style, we skirted round the edge at walking pace, to avoid splashes, after all we weren’t racing and we were wearing the shiniest of new kits which we wanted to keep nice for Sunday’s race, we feared that Lucy’s white kit would not stay white if we went tearing through the mud!

The causeway gets a little more technical near the top and eventually we resorted to walking over the short section of large, unstable rocks. We remounted and headed back down Stannage cliffs, I have only attempted this steep, rocky, technical section once in the past and it was under about 6 feet of snow then, needless to say I walked then, but I still am not comfortable riding it and climbed off, it’s a target for me this year, to be able to ride down. Once at the bottom of the cliff there is a paved path. The whippet was great on this, I can get my weight much further back, more easily and feel much more comfortable and in control allowing me to tackle this section with more speed than I had done previously. The short travel forks were great and all the steps and gaps between rocks.

I think I’m going to have to do a bit of tweaking before Sunday, I could do with a longer seat post, as I had it at the maximum and it was verging on too low. And possibly a longer stem, but I am undecided on this, as I think I will get used to it quickly and that it will be an improvement over my old position resulting in much better handling.  I reckon that the RockShox sid xx world cup fork will look stunning and behave beautifully on the whippet too!"

Helen will be racing the On-One Whippet in this weekend’s Sleepless in the Saddle event. The whole On-One team will be there too and we’re looking forward to seeing you.

2 August 2010


  • PaulL

    Hi, I am ridding a 10 speed set up so the front mountings are redundant do you have a blanking plate for the whippet and if so in red, cheers Paul

  • JonB (On One Team)

    Hi George. The S3 mech will only fit the lower mount. The upper mount has a hole and a slot and is used to mount most other direct mount mechs. Crank length is personal preference (most people ride 175mm on MTB's). BB30 cranks are not suitable- the Whippet takes a BB92 press fit BB which means that any regular chainset (GXP, Mega Exo, Hollowtech etc) will fit but BB30 will not. Hope that helps.

  • George

    Is there an additional adapter to be used when mounting the S3 Sram XX front mech to the upper mount. The upper mount on the frame has only one mounting hole and a slotted section? Which is the recommend SRMA XX crank length to use on the Whippet frame 170mm or 175MM? So is the SRAM XX BB30 Chainset 164 the correct cranks to use with 175mm crank length on the Whippet frame? Will the SRAM XX BB30 Chainset 156 with 170mm crank length work on the Whippet frame?

  • JonB (On One Team)

    Hi George. The S3 mech fits the lower mount but it's better to use the top mount as it has up-down adjustment. The lower mount standard will eventually be discontinued. Q-factor is Q167.5 for a 175mm Chainset. This is the measurement for SRAM XX / XO / X9 2x10 Chainsets, giving 4mm clearance between the crank arm and the chainstay.

  • George

    On the lower mount for the front mech there the two mounting holes which are at differnt levels about 5 mm offset, which sram front mech fits this lower mount. Also what is the Q Factor measurement on the whippet frame?

  • JonB (On One Team)

    Thanks Iain, would you like a job??? ! Seriously though, Nick, there are 2 sets of bottle cage bosses on the 18" Whippet.

  • IainB

    I can see two sets of bottle bosses on there...

  • NickB

    Dissappointing to see only one set of bottle bosses. Its fine for xc racing, but for longer rides and enduros, two sets of bosses should really be standard.

  • Iain

    I'm thinking of replacing my ScandAL with this frame. I allow my ScandAL to ride most technical stuff so long as one wheel remains on the ground ;-) Is the Whippet similarly capable? Can it comfortably handle the Goat Track climb at Glentress Black for example?

  • ryan

    Question: I am considering a Whippet for Adventure racing, but I would like a bike that I can take out on single track and moderate descents as well. Is the Whippet so XC centric that I wouldn't want to take it to the trails? My other consideration is building out an Inbred, but I am a 29er virgin. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  • JonB (On One Team)

    Yes we can definitely offer professional custom painting on the Whippet frames. We'll be announcing the standard colours in the next 10 days but there will be a custom option as well and it won't effect the warranty. Price will depends on what you are looking for, feel free to email us for a quote.

  • Alex

    Whippet it is, cheers Jon. 1 last thing, i noticed another article on your site regarding custom paint jobs. Any chance you can email me some more info on this? Can i get it done when purchasing the frame? Cost etc and will it alter anything warrenty wise? Thanks for your help.

  • JonB (On One Team)

    Sounds like the Whippet will be bob on for your needs, Alex. Remember it's essentially a carbon Inbred so the geometry is well tried and tested and by XC standards not super aggressive. The carbon absorbs a good amount of trail buzz in the rear end so you should be able to ride all day (as long as you've got the legs!)

  • Alex

    Cheers for the reply Jon. I'd mainly be riding firetracks / bridalways that kind of stuff. Not really using it in trail centers or out like that. I'd perfer the geometry of the whippet, i think the 456 might be a little too 'new school' for me. But i think the whippet might be a back breaker after 5/6 hours in the saddle. I'm basically after an equivalent of something like an Orange R8 (but lighter). Any advice? Cheers

  • JonB (On One Team)

    I a agree with that Alex. Whippet is a great race bike. 456 is probably better for long days in the saddle, in my opinion. But there are plenty of devotees to the Whippet too... Depends on your riding style, type of terrain, preferred geometry and riding position.

  • Alex

    Very nice looking bike. Would you say a 456 would be better for all day XC rides? I'm guessing the whippet will be a little less forgiving if i'm in the saddle for 6 hours+ Cheers Alex

  • JonB (On One Team)

    Hi Ian. Well, the good news is that £999 isn't just on pre-order: that will be the ongoing price of the SLX Whippet build! In the next week we should have a pre-order date for the 16" and 20" frames and will also release full details on colours / graphics. Watch this space and sign up to the newsletter for the latest offers.

  • IanW

    Will there be a £999 pre order on the 20 inch Whippet SLX build? And are there going to red white and blue frames available. I want to pre order a 20 inch white via cyclescheme.

  • JonB (On One Team)

    Hi Marcus. Yes, at 6" you should be fine on the 18". If you have long legs (over 34" inside leg) the 20" frame would probably suit better bet at the same time the 18" will ride just fine.

  • MarcusW

    I'm 6' - would I get away with an 18" frame?

  • tomj

    dangerous combination there, a bike that nice with a fast girl as beautiful as her on board is a surefire combination to cause the rest of us to get distracted and crash (or is that her tactic?) seriously though - great to see fast ladies riding bikes and keeping things good looking, saw a great interview with rach atherton last year about how in the 90's the ladies didn't quite manage the balance of bikes and being girly, great to see more atractive, fit, fast ladies out there biking (and the well priced carbon offering's from on one aint half bad either!)

  • JonB (On One Team)

    Yeh! It's swap out so that means single speed a go go. Even fixed...

  • rickyw

    nice, will there be a single speed for the perverse?

  • JonB (On One Team)

    Hi Nick. It's an 18 inch alright. Helen's got long legs. We're still waiting on a date for the 16's and 20's but will keep you posted in the newsletter as soon as they do become available.

  • NickB

    lovely. what size is this frame? i know that you're only offering the frame in an 18" at the moment but that frame looks smaller. Is it? either way, when will you be offering other frame sizes? thanks, nick

  • IanS

    Stunning.. bikes rather nice too!! :) (This is why I need to get my o/h riding)!! It's amazing that a full build on one of these can come to under £1k!! Good work guys, good work :) Off topic, but a big thanks for the carbon 456 too, totally loving mine, its a thing of beauty! Good luck to all for Sleepless! Ian

  • JonB (On One Team)

    Hi Mark. Honest advice- get a Carbon 456. For trail centre riding, downhills, jumps and all round riding you really can't beat it. It will take your current set-up fine but you will need to buy a mixed tapered headset to fit the tapered headtube (e.g On-One Smoothie Mixer). The Whipppet is an out and out XC race bike, it is super fast and rides like a bat out of hell but if I were you I'd go for the 456- you will love it!!!

  • gerrj

    There was a bike ?

  • Mark

    I'm torn between one of these (for the weight) and the Carbon 456 (for being bomb proof). I'm 5'10" 13 stone and it would spend most of it's time on the likes of The Monkey Trail and the MBR. Also, I currently have Rock Shox Tora 302 U-turn (85mm to 130mm) forks, Sram X7 gears, Truvativ Blaze chainset & Powerspline the top of your head, would I be able to use any of this for now? Apologies for asking so much in one message but I'm ready to get the credit card out! Thanks Mark

  • JonB (On One Team)

    Thanks Harry. In answer to your questions: the bulge is a mount for a Shimano direct mount front mech (the bike that Helen's riding is fitted with SRAM- which mounts on a lower mount). Direct mount front mechs offer the most precise shifting performance and also allow us to us a non-tubular construction for optimum strength to weight. The Whippet frame will be built into 3 different bikes- a sub £1000 SLX / Reba Race mega deal which weighs around 25 pounds, a full XT race machine (around 22 lbs) and a handful of very limited mega bling custom builds with SRAM XX, SID XX World Cups etc that we're aiming for under 19 lbs in weight. PS Will pass your compliments on...

  • harryg

    lOOKS VERY NICE, AND THE BIKE! Can I ask what the big bulge with what looks like a threaded hole is above the front mech? Also what weight are you buildin gthe full bike to? cheers Harry