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The Man Who Cut His Inbred in Half...

It isn't every day that a story comes along that really everyone in the office loves but this one really is genius. Let us present Scott Forbes- an airline pilot who was finding that a love of flying didn't necessarily mesh with a love of bikes. Certainly not if you want to avoid constant hefty surcharges.

Having paid one hefty excess baggage fee too many he decided that he needed a bike to fit in his suitcase.

So what he did was buy an Inbred frame and cut it in half!


And the best thing of all is that it works! Check out the evidence, we think it looks pretty cool...

Cut and, as they say, shut.

Complete XT build weighs only 23 lbs...

Stainless steel couples fasten the 2 halves of the frame together...

And best of all the whole bike and wheels all fit into one standard suitcase!!!

News Flash- Update from the proud owner:

Just got back from Las Vegas on a work trip. Was out there for 4days and managed to get some amazing riding in. I have sent you acouple of pictures from an area called Red Rock Canyon, 20 miles to thewest of Las Vegas.

The bike performed seamlessly and even doing 3hours hard riding at over 100ºF up at 4800ft elevation put me and thebike to the test.

All the best Scott Forbes

24 May 2010


  • Eric Anderson

    What size suitcase does this fit in?

  • Currie

    YES!!!! I have a very similar build of bike, I work on the ATP masters tour so as you can guess, travel a fair amount. I have literally spent a week off and on trauling the net trying to find a folding frame or something that will enable me to take my inbred with me and found the couplings but wondered if they really were up to the job! I had thought about building a cheap bike but it just wouldnt cut it (excuse the pun) I will get me some couplers while i am away i think and it should work even better for me as i ride singlespeed. You dont know how happy this has made me, I love my original Inbred!

  • Dmitry

    Hi! Tell me please about all components of your Inbred and frame size you call I am interested in how this bike as a whole, and his weight)

  • ScottF

    Mac. I ordered the S&S couples from Argos Cycles in Bristol. They then fitted them, adjusted the cable routing for it, put a second bottle cage mounting on the seat tube and then re-spreayed the whole frame and posted it back all for a shade over £600. The couples come from America and cost over £200 for the pair anyway and then the work to fit them took Argos cycles about 6 weeks. They have fitted a few before and so were well up to speed with what I wanted. The bike has lost no rigidity and rides no different but means I can break it down for traveling. I have already flown over 20,000 miles with the bike around the world and still going strong and best off all when it is in the case no one knows it's a bike. Have a look at my thread on Bike radar.

  • ChrisL

    They look like S and S couplings:

  • MarkM

    Aaah Bob Jackson cycles do it for, wait for it! £500.

  • MarkM

    Beautifully crafted couplings Scott. I am a rigger and would be really interested to know the details so I could do it too. Did someone make them for you or did you do it yourself? On-one please give Scott my email address so we can talk. Regards, Mac

  • jamieb

    great craftsmanship, looks fantastic. How does it affect the feel/ride?

  • MattC

    Lovely! Isn't the seat clamp back-to-front though??

  • KevinS

    V sweet, nice engineering