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Bike Polo Barcelona

Barcelona is hosting the Sexy Polo Beer Amigo international polo tournament March 19-21.

The first we heard about this crazy bike polo festival was when we were contacted earlier this year about a bulk order of Inbreds to go to Italy! What was this all about..? Curiosity got the better of us, so we had to ask and found that the Roma Bike Polo Club were planning to travel from Rome to Barcelona for the Sexy Polo Beer Amigo, a three-day fun-filled event with a mixture of a formal tournament and crazy polo.


Matteo, how did the tournament go?

Results? well... LI CARBONARI from RBP was the first italian team (4 teams) at the SEXIPOLOBEERAMIGO european turnament in Barcelona (5° in total). LI CARBONARI was also the winner of LA MAZZA D'ORO the "Italian HBP cup".

Maybe Valerio (on On One Inbred) is the best italian player. See how he slapped the Poloholica team from Munich (featuring a vice-eurochamp).


So Matteo why use the Inbred if other polo riders use 700c??

The inbred is great because the 26 wheel is better in tight spaces.  The inbred has a bb higher than other bikes, so we can change directions without touching ground with the pedals.

The inbred, indeed, is perfect!
In any case, it's a great bike, very stylish, the best for me...

Check out the rest of the Bike Polo scene in Rome

sexy polo beer amigo

18 May 2010