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Xterra Race Day: Hopes were dashed...

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xterra-maui-021xterra-maui-0251Richards Usshers hopes of a top 5 at maui were dashed when a snapped...FSA seatpost with 8k to go put him out of the hunt , not the best start to his On-One career but a blitzing fastest run of the day was consolation showing the form is there even if the seatpost strength was not. Heres a selection of the days best shots and richs news from the race....xterra-maui-020xterra-maui-019xterra-maui-023

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Over to you Rich.... "Well not the result I was hoping for but had a bit of a mechanical withabout 8km to go when my seat post snapped just below the seat and I had to ride the remainder standing only. At that stage was very close to top 10 and going forwards through the field well. Probably lost about 3 minutes I reckon which would have had me vying for 4th and 5th places.

One consolation was had one of the fastest runs ( I think 2nd equal by about 10 sec) so things are looking good, bike was riding really well, especially on the ups, still need some more time on it to get completely used to the handling on the big wheels and going back to the hard tail. Was losing time mainly on the down hills, rough but biggest thing is just how loose the rocks are, it is like trying to corner on a bunch of marbles some time. Now I just hope someone brings my seat in! Race report to follow, some pics attached..." Rich

26 October 2009


  • rodrigo langeani

    Hi, I've raced xterra maui last year and I'm planning to race it next year. I was wondering about building a 29er for me. Despite the broken seat poast, how was the bike on the course? Thank you,

  • Stevo

    We will be having words with FSA, obviously we have sent Richard a replacement seatpost, but it is little consellation to the places that he normally collects on the bike... At Quelle Challenge Roth he picked off the feild and came in 3rd... The German commentators spoke in English to say "who is Richard Ussher"...

  • Mike McDuff

    It's also a Road Only seatpost. Doh!!

  • Chris

    Oh yes, it's a carbon one :-(

  • Chris

    Alloy or carbon post?