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Xterra Worlds Maui - Day 2 - Final Race Preps

Xterra Worlds Maui - Day 2 - Final Race Preps

Goodfellas dvd Hot news from Hawaii , On-One Debutante Richard Ussher is in the final pre race run up to his challenge for the Xterra world championships, judging by the photos just received hes using last opportunity to get used to his new Ti 29er .

'Arrived Maui this morning and reconfirmed why we'd decided not to come earlier - first we were raped by the taxi driver who took a wrong turn, charged us for it and then took off without giving us any change, the tipping in this country is ridiculous, not to mention after being charged $50.00 US (about $14,375.00 NZ peso's) for a 20min ride before the non optional, thanks you won't be needing anychange and I'll take the extra $10 from the cabbie.

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Course wise was a hot day today but there seems to be very little humidity here so way less issues with the heat I reckon, we're staying in the cheapest option we could find but still costing 4x the taxi ride per night - way too much mathematics to work out the peso's on that one -* luckily it's a super plush place, will send some photo's to match tomorrow once the sun comes up.

The bike warm up course takes about 7 minutes so for all those who have been here for a month they must be disappointed! Water is beautiful and training was forgotten in favour of following some sea turtles around for half an hour. Reconfirmed that the 29er is a sweet set up and think it'll be a great option for this type of course, now only need to worry about its engine.

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All good, will report in tomorrow with final pre race update


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24 October 2009