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Titus El Viajero Trail - On The Muddy Front.

EL VIajero Trail
Brando said it best in On The Waterfront. And we’ll paraphrase and explain.
You don't understand. 
I coulda had class. 
I coulda been a contender.
I coulda been somebody, 
We don’t have World Cup Enduro Team. We don’t spend £££ on magazine ads. We just tried to offer amazing customer direct value, and we have to call it on this one. These bikes never reached the heights they should have.
We reckon the El Viajero Trail is one of the nicest suspension bikes we have made. Trounces the On-One Codeine that we did, with much more refinement and better geometry, better finish, better ride. And so it’s your chance to pick one up for the most amazing price ever.
So we’re going to offer it at the same price as our best selling On-One DeeDar hardtail. So until they’re gone - fill your boots with the best value full suspension bike on the market. 
Buy ‘em whilst you can, and Get On The Muddy Front this winter.

Titus EL Viajero Trail

10 October 2018