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What's New and Coming Next From Titus

U.S. mountain bike brand Titus has been producing great bikes for decades and that's not set to stop anytime soon. There are some great bikes on the blocks from Titus and a couple of them are nearing towards the end of their R&D process.


El Chulo:

There's two new hardtails due out in the shape of the 650 and 29er EL Chulo trail bikes. These bikes are both built with UK trail centres in mind they are fast, seriously poppy and playful. Both bikes use hydroformed alloy frame tubes, sporting short stays and plenty of room in the cockpit they are both responsive to the slightest input at the pedals and handlebars. These bikes both simply fly.

Choose the 650 if you want to tackle more technical trails and grab the 29er if you're long legged or looking to maximise your flow everywhere you ride. Both bikes are under wraps at the NEC Bike Show this weekend, but ask nicely and we might roll them out from under their covers for a sneak peak.

Prototype 140mm and Prototype 160mm bikes:

These are so damn new we haven't even given them names yet. We're still deep in the testing process for both of these bikes but initially testing has been very favourable.

The 140mm Titus Proto is proving to be a great all-mountain bike, good on the ups as well as the downs, and the peaks, and the highlands and the lowlands. We've tuned the suspension action to minimize pedal induced bob so you can lay the power down for the climbs and smash the fast downhills. This is a true do-it-all mountain bike.

The 160mm Titus Proto steps things up another level. the 160mm feels like a mini DH rig and so it should because that's exactly what it is. Good enough to smash any course you can ride in the UK and seriously capable so you'll have no trouble tackling alpine uplifts and Canada's best trail parks. It's low, stable, eminently capable and will take an absolute pounding. Book your shuttle ticket today.

There's loads more new stuff on show at the NEC this weekend check out all the bikes from our siblings brands.




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25 September 2015

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