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What's New and Coming Next From On-One

You can spot the seriously keen off-road cyclists easily; they are the ones returning home with mud all up their back and a huge smile on their faces as the sun starts to go down, ( a few of us will even hit the trails with our battery packs fully charged and stay out after dark so we can get the best trails all to ourselves). Mountain bikers aren't as a seasonal a bunch as roadies. Sure there are some fair weather bikers amongst us but honestly what's not to love about smashing the laps at the local trail park when the ground is crisp and hard with frost or puddled with glorious mud?

They say rust never sleeps and that's certainly true of the R&D team at On-One towers; we're up at first light, in all conditions, heading out to the races or off for an epic shake down ride where we are finalising the details for one of our new bikes- and have we got some new bikes for you! if you're not heading out on your bike this weekend head on over to the NEC Bike Show you'll find us on stand H21 where you can get you mucky paws on all of these new bikes and more.


We know the XC racing season is drawing to a close, but we also know that doesn't mean that you're not looking for next year's ride already and we've got an absolute belter for you. It's Maccatuskil, not MacAskill, this is no trials bike for mad skills obstacles courses, and it's an XC race bike with serious pedigree. Geometry is right on point for a modern XC bike, short stays, 69.5 degree head angle and a steep 72.5 seat angle, there's plenty of TT reach in the Maccatuskil's roomy cockpit and naturally it's a real lightweight when it comes to the grams. Build itup with a racy 1x drivetrain and lightweight finishing kit and 29er wheels and you'll have a seriously competitive XC bike that barely troubles the scales at all- and probably for less money than most big brands framesets on their own.

The Maccatuskil should be ready to ride Mid December so you can get a few months riding on her before the 2016 season swings into full view. We've been ripping the local XC trails on her for a few months and she's received admiring glances everywhere it's been. When you see it in the flesh you'll understand why.

Bish Bash Bosh:

What the hell is a Bish Bash Bosh? You're not the first person who has thought that, so let us explain. The Bish Bash Bosh is our new do-it-all, drop-bar bike for real off road riding. Whether you are tearing it up on the asphalt, touring the continent, bivvying in the lakes or just out for a thrash in the woods the Bish Bash Bosh ticks all the boxes, job done!

We've kitted the BBB out with space for full mudguards, a rear rack and seriously grippy tyres, you can squeeze in 38mm rubber in there with no worries so it'll ride over absolutely anything you put in front of it. This is the best all the On-One staff are looking to add to their collection and the BBB will be available in Mid December. You could call it a Gravel /Adventure bike if that works for you, but it's so much more than that.

Codeine 27.5":

Here's one bike that needs no introduction, the long awaited (two years but who's counting) successor to the original 29er Codeine. Enduro Race sled or Quiver Killer, call it what you like. It's a true all-mountain rig built for whatever you can throw at it. Whether you are smashing out shuttle laps, racing Enduro, riding highland epics or out for a blast on your local trials the Codeine 27.5 has it covered.

We've added 10mm of travel at both ends courtesy of Marzocchi, slackened the angles and stretched the top tube by a smidge to make it touch more rowdy and even more capable than the original 29er. Take advantage of the Goldilocks wheel size and get ready to rock the new Codeine.

Fatty Trail:

Part Fatty, part Parkwood, all fun. The Fatty Trail brings the Fat Bike funk to the trails. A whole 4" of rubber loving meets tried and tested MTB geometry. Massive four inch tyres provide grip, flotation and stability partnered with a 120mm Rockshox Bluto fork to tame even the roughest terrain. Fatty testers soon stopped asking,  "where should I ride it?" and started saying "where don't I ride it!"

The Fatty Trail is a game changer swing a leg over one soon, it's on sale now.


650+, another wheel size we don't want, with more specs that we don't need? hell no! The Hadza is a whole lot of fun. It's a bike with no boundaries, 140mm of travel, burly as hell. It's designed to go anywhere, ride anything. Simply put it is backcountry biking at its very best.

The Hadza probably won't make the line-up until spring 2016 but we thought we'd introduce you to it now. Get up close and personal with the prototype at the NEC show this weekend. If there's enough interest maybe we might push it forward a bit.

Parkwood 27.5

Parkwood 27'5" 

The Parkwood is simple, practical, capable trail bike. No mess no fuss. The brief was simple, it had to be stiff in the turns, inspire confidence at high speed, be agile and as sneaky as a ninja and able to much up the miles. We've knocked that ball right out of the park and it'll be here during November.

The Parkwood 27.5" takes everything we all loved about the 29er version and turns up the heat to 11.

There's loads more new stuff on show at the NEC this weekend check out all the bikes from our siblings brands.




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25 September 2015