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X01- A Drivetrain Revolution In Cycling From SRAM

At On-One we are huge fans of SRAM's 1x11 groupsets. They deliver lightweight, high performance with faultless shifting and gear ratios that are tuned for the way we ride. You could say that On-One blazed the way for simplified drivetrains and minimal set-ups with our historic range of single speed MTB's; so it's only natural we feel such an affinity towards SRAM.

Who would have believed it possible that SRAM could change the MTB market forever in just a few short years, and with something as straightforward,  and inspired as simplifying mountain bike gearing? During the nineties and noughties we were all exposed to the arms-race for more and more gears, 21, 24, 27 then 30 gears it seemed as if we might never have enough. The truth of the matter though was somewhat more prosaic; all we were really doing was increasing the number of duplicate gears and slightly reducing the gap between adjacent gears- and all the while carrying more and more weight around with us on our bikes.

Something had to change, and it took SRAM, the newest kid on the groupset block to make that happen. SRAM decided that the best and simplest thing to do was to get rid of the of the front derailleur and the extra chainrings, simplify the cranks, shed some weight and provide riders with a wider gear spread out back courtesy of a 10T small cassette cog and a 42T large cassette cog. With these simple changes, they shed over a pound off the weight of your bike. At the same time, SRAM gave you a new front chainring that helped retain the chain and added a clutch to the rear mech to stop it bouncing around on steep and gnarly descents. XX1 was born!

Fast forward a few years and SRAM now has 1x11 drivetrains at several different points within the market. From XX1 for riders with deep pockets, to X01 with its three different gravity/downhill and trail-specific variants to X1 that aims to bring 1x11 drivetrain benefits to the masses SRAM now has something for everyone.

With our affinity for minimal drivetrain and single speed off-road bikes it was only natural that should gravitate towards incorporating the best of SRAM's 1x11 groupsets into our most popular designs. And our X01 Codeine 29er, X01 45650b and 456 Evo-Carbon X01 equipped bikes deliver on all of SRAM's promises for the best possible off-road riding experience. 

We often get asked why the Codeine doesn't run a front mech. "Because we didn't want it to and because it doesn't need to." The Codeine was designed from the outset to be 1x11 compatible. 29" wheels combine with a 10-42T rear cassette to deliver the perfect gear range for aggressive riding. Perfect  for winching up the steepest walls and with enough top-end to ensure you don't spin out on the way down.  With a Pike fork up-front and Monarch Plus Debonair out back handling suspension duties you can attack any trail you choose. And all with the security and simplicity of SRAM's X01 shifting.

If full-suspension doesn't light your candle then we have two other bikes equipped with X01 to rock your world. If you are firmly wedded to mid-sized wheels then we have our game changing 4560b equipped with SRAM 1x11 drivetrain, Reverb seat post, and Avid Guide RSC brakes. This hardcore hardtail is a purist steel steed designed for riders who love throwing themselves down any trail. With 140mm travel RockShox Revelation RLT forks up-front there's no need to hold back- it's ready for anything.

Last, but by no means least, in our X01 equipped triumvirate is our amazing lightweight 456EVO Carbon. The highest spec carbon hardtail we've ever made comes dressed with SRAM's X01 groupset, Guide RSC brakes, Pike RCT3 forks and a Reverb dropper post. It's equipped to tackle whatever the trails have to throw at it and ensure that you end every ride with a huge grin on your face.

Regardless of where you ride or what frame material you prefer there's an X01 equipped bike in the On-One line-up that's perfectly suited to your needs. If you're ready to leave those unnecessary chainrings and all that extra weight back in the noughties, where they belong, then it's time to upgrade to a SRAM X01 equipped bike from On-One and experience the future of cycling first hand. 

28 January 2015

SRAM XO1 Bikes