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Fatty Fat Bike Review

We know the Fatty stands out from an increasingly saturated market, but it's always good to hear that others realise it too. Ireland's Outsider magazine recently got their hands on one in a round-up of the season's best bikes. It's safe to say they were impressed with our Fatty:


On One Fatty Fat Bike
On One Fatty Fat Mountain BikeOn One Fatty Fat mountain bike.
RRP: €1.184.49

No suspension just massive four-inch tyres and great geometry make this bike a whole lot of fun. Perfect for the Irish winter when the trails are bogged down and you need all the traction that you can get.

Do: Try things that you never thought you would get down in one piece.
Don’t: Go too far uphill – it is as heavy as it looks.

Our tester Gavin said: Fun, fun, fun. This bike just puts a smile on my face. Going up was a bit of a chore but it was worth it for the giggles coming down. This bike will go anywhere.



If you're looking at getting a Fat Bike you won't get better than the Fatty, available as a full build from £999.99, or as a bundle for only £499.99! 

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11 October 2013

The On-One Fat Bike Boutique