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We are so not allowed to talk about this

We are so not allowed to talk about this

OK OK - so we admit it we are very very very very very very very excited about our Reg Mombassa collection, in fact far too excited, did I say we were excited. 

We were planning/hoping/under instruction  to keep it under wraps for as long as possible but like a 5 year old with attention deficit disorder we just can't hold our inner joy secret any longer and we are going to share with you the most mental cycling jersey ever produced for on-one, and possibly anyone. 

We think it is set to become an iconic on-one classic, a team jersey like no team jersey seen before, the "Reg Mombasse On-One Bicycle Tour Sublimated Jersey" - see here for the first, and possibly last time (if no-one likes it.)  

If Jamie gets his shtuff.. together we might do a hawaiian shirt version, though given our last hawaiian shirts took 11 years to sell that might be pushing it a bit.

Update: Now someone's really let the cat out of the bag. Check out our favourite designs available to buy now! (ed- March 2014)

16 April 2013

Reg Mombassa T-Shirt Selection