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This is so secret

This is so secret

The On-One Reg Mombassa Collection - Coming Soon 


Here is a sneak preview of Jamie with the first PP sample of the new ultra top secret/ dont let the cat out of the bag/ if we told you we would have to kill you/ Reg Mombassa collection he has been working on with the legendary/ off his rocker/ iconic/ cult/ "mental as anything"  designer Reg Mombassa. 

Reg is the Australian Musician come designer who is famous for bringing the world amongst other things classic "farting dog" , "Australian Jesus" and "Hairy dog Trumpet" . Whilst Reg is best known for his edgy collaboration with Mambo as they became more corporate his designs became more unsuitable and he has spent the last 10 years wandering round the Australian outback with no-one willing to work with him . 

So we contacted Reg , because we wanted to get something to wear in the office other than on-one merino cardigans and 10 year out of date hawaiian shirts -   there is no doubt Reg is truly "on-one" and though  it is true he seems to have charged us a fortune for designs my 5 year old could have done but lets be honest who else could have delivered us the following limited edition series to be launched soon - 

'Blue Wrens Need Help" , "We like you please" , "The Bum Gun" , " Pig Gives Invitro Fertilization" , "Australian Film Dogs" , and "Hairy Spider Camera"  

UPDATE: Reg Mombassa T-shirts are now available! Check the grid below for some of our favourites or visit the On-One T-Shirts department here.

15 April 2013

Reg Mombassa T-Shirt Selection