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Go big or go home

Go big or go home

With lots of brands still trying to jump on the big wheeled bandwagon, it's amazing to look back and see that we've been offering 29ers as part of our range since 2005, and infact this year is 10yrs since we made our first 29er 

We've come on a lot since then. The first frames we did were the Inbred steel models, with a funky sliding dropout, but we've expanded since then with models in super 7046 aluminium (the Scandal) and the Lurcher carbon fibre model too. 

Steel models remain with the vertical dropout, slot dropout and Singlespeed Ltd Edition frame models too. 


Brant Richards - Planet X Chief Designer - "I had to build a bike for my 24hr Strathpuffer race, and the obvious choice was a singlespeeded Lurcher. It's so fast, quite, fun, and just takes the edge off the trail knocks to keep you fresh all day and all night. I love it"

We also support the wheelsize with our range of tyres - lots of customers on the trails and on forums on the internet are telling us and other people how great our Smorgasbord and Chunky Monkey tyres are - they grip and rip and hammer the trails fast and furiously - made for us specially by Maxxis and available at an incredible price right here.

Lots of customers have already made the leap to the bigger wheelsize. But if you haven't you won't be aware of the differences. Those big wheels just roll over the lumps and bumps on the ground better. Easier. Faster. They literally feel like they're smoothing out the trail. Worried about getting wheels that are 10% bigger up to speed? Well don't worry, as they rotate 10% slower, so you'll be all good. That's a scientific fact!

Ed Oxley - "The Lurcher was my first 29er and it's amazing. A superlight carbon frame that takes all the trail abuse I can throw at it, and those big wheels just smashing and rolling over everything in its path - it's great"

What size to choose? If you ride an 18in 26in wheeled bike from us, you need an 18in 29er. No different. We'll often spec a 29er bike with a flatter bar, or a lower stem to keep the riding position similar to a 26in bike - so you can get the bar to saddle position set up fine, but aside from that - it's all good. Lower gears help too, but lower gears are good on everything. But we always fit them. 

We've got a couple of fantastic value bikes in our range that give you a perfect example of the modern 29er trail bike. Choose from the amazing performance Scandal Trail29 Bike at just £799, Or the carbon fibre Lurcher 29er X9 at £1299. The specifications on those bikes are comparable to high street brands costing 50% more - with our UK assembly and no-nonsense pricing, you can't go wrong with either and if you're in the market, you'd be mad not to consider them.


have a look at real bikes out on the trails on READERS RIDES 


8 April 2013

Best On-One 29er Bikes and Frames


  • Massmoor

    When are you going to bring out a non suspension corrected rigid single speed 29er with with sliding drop outs and slack-ish Head angle in titanium?