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So what's this then? An on-one branded full suspension bike? With a wierd (not)trendy drug related name?

Brant Richards explains more...

I designed it about a year ago, whilst suffering a back injury and as a result on lots of Codeine painkillers. It was rather an odd time as the drugs made me concentrate very hard on certain things and ignore others, which led to a really interesting CAD design session where I got very involved in tiny details that I've never studied before, and was completely happy about going through tiny iterative revisions of linkages and positions to get things exactly how I wanted them. 

It also was a bit wierd as I decided that I didn't need a front mech any more, but then having finished the drawing talked to a few people who thought that was stupid, so the project was shelved, but then brought back to life when SRAM's XX1 came around as I figured that would trickle down eventually and we'd better crack on with it.

It's a single pivot with a linkage driven shock. I like doing bikes that way. The singlepivot actually allows a shorter chainstay length than a Horst Link for the same travel - the Horst Link bike seemed to pull the rear wheel in more throughout the travel so the rear wheel hit the seat tube sooner. I did this using the Linkage software from Bikechecker and then throwing the output from that into Cadintosh which is a very basic 2D drafting package for my mac. From that I pass 2d to Taiwan, who then 3d it, and we fire things around a bit and it's all done.

The 16in model Ed's holding is currently being bashed about. We've got some tidying up to do before production, some weight saving, some modifications, but the basic geometry and features are working really well. 

Headline numbers that people care about:-

Oh yeah - it's a 29er. 140-160mm fork, 128mm rear, 67deg head angle, 35mm BB drop, 440mm chainstays (that's 4mm shorter than our Scandal 29er hardtail!). Current frame weight 7.45lb. Planned frame weight 7lb. 

ISCG05, Dropper compatible, 142 (will be, is 135mm right now).

The Codeine is now  available 


19 February 2013


  • Drakche

    I really hope this won't mean the death of the El Guapo. :/

  • stu

    So its shrunk to 650b and looks like the coil as been replaced for air, but any word on availability yet?

  • Jonesy

    Any update on this??

  • fab

    .....always waiting impatiently! are you ready to make it? I hope!!!!!

  • Nick

    I need one of'em....

  • Graham

    Can't wait for this one! Fairly heavy though - sure its aluminium?! Maybe shorter travel could lighten things up..

  • theobviousfaker

    Congratulations, you have nailed it! Short chainstay 29er for a 140mm fork and less travel in the back! That is EXACTLY I am yearning for. Bring it on, and bring it on fast! You are again outstanding in the whole bike market with this ace up your sleeve.

  • stefan

    Real competition to SPEC Enduro 29... definitely wanna ride it

  • Tobias J

    That bike is so right! Bring it on and make haste with production.

  • Winston

    Never ridden a 29r, never liked the look of them either, until now that is. Looks like a weapon, I could possibly be converted! Make it dude, looks like competition for the Spesh Enduro 29r! Well done Brant. Top job.

  • RichardC

    What about 650B, now that would be interesting.

  • VWsurfbum

    Really interested in this, is there a rough launch date, a season even? Will there be a carbon version (thats what i would really like :) )

  • Bartosz

    Nice one. It is something, what I want to buy... Do you have the production plan now? 2013?

  • AndreasH

    Would be also a good design for a Full Suspension Fatbike!

  • JamesG

    I too have a beard and would like a 29er. I have not found one suitable until now. Spot on, get it made in time for summer!

  • Stinky Pete

    mmmmmm......Can't wait! Do you need that much front end travel on a29" fs? (I'm no expert. Just wondering).

  • Barnsey

    I was so excited about this until I saw it was a 29er (not trying to start the whole argument again I'm just not a fan), please make a 26" version too!

  • Si

    Seen mr oxley riding this bike today around Phillips park. Looked good!

  • Jamazepam

    Whats the difference between this bike and the proposed titus el guapo 29er?

  • Alex

    Come on then, how much? you know you have a figure in mind, £1k? £1.5K? Is that a 1 1/8 to 1.5 headtube? I'm about to buy a Transition Covert 29, for the right price bracket and headtube I'd be convinced to hold off purchasing.

  • Lee

    I want some Codeine.... NOW!!! Hurry up and bring this frame to market.... On the assumption it will come with the usual On-One top value price tag, I will pre-order straight away! Come on Doctor On-One.... I've spent too much time on my Dirty Disco and I'm telling you... I need some Codeine.... NOW!!!

  • andy

    Ah at last a long travel single pivot full suss 29er suitable for cap wearing gentlemen with beards...Best start saving my pennies!

  • HumberThumper

    This looks like the ride to get me back in the mucky stuff! Wannit!