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El Guapo

El Guapo

We don't think we've made a big enough fuss about the 6.5lb of awesome that the Titus El Guapo is. We've been genuinely blown away by the performance of the bike, at any price, and our amazing business model means that we can kick every other manufacturer square in the teeth and offer a frame for £799 that simply laughs at everyone elses attempts.

It's not just us here at on-one HQ or riders in the USA. We've been selling these out the door and having customers email us with "wow, these are awesome". And it's not just them. Legendary Bearded Trail Skills Guru Ed Oxley from Great-Rock has been riding El Guapo for two months now and is loving it.

Read more on Ed's thoughts here, or watch his videos, below. El Guapo frames are available from us here at on-one

4 March 2012


  • RichardC

    Found it, Odetta hit or miss. Brilliant

  • RichardC

    Whats the music on the spring film

  • diamondgeezer46

    Yo Ed, how does the El Guapo roll in the reverse direction on that mix of trail and footpath? Respect for a man who can drink the frothy oil from his own forks and not leave a stain on the pub bench!

  • Joey

    That trail looks amazing. Bike looks awesome too.