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New image upload site

New image upload site

We've got a very sucessfull and highly used Readers Ride section that works really well. But for reasons of laziness, speed, integration and stuff, we've just launched a new website that we're using as a sort of "beta test" thing for, well… really it was just something Brant made whilst lying around on the sofa on Sunday. 

So… After that big sell. Welcome to On-One's Posterous site. A what? Essentially, it's a really simple site that lets us (or you) email pictures to an email address ([email protected]) and they magically appear on the website, and also get pushed to our Facebook, Flickr, Twitter and whatever other page we want them to go to.

This is good for us (means we can fire things off to lots of people fast) and good for you (as you can too).

We moderate all images, so whoever it is who keeps sending us pictures of his "accommodating" wife, keep it up, as we're just passing them round the office, we're not actually going to put them online.

Next week we'll be using it to sling images back from the Taipei Bicycle Show, in Taiwan.

Send us your pics, we'd love to see them. Even the ones of your wife.

2 March 2012


  • SimonT

    I'll use it to continue my campaign for Inbreds with pink paint ;-)