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Pumping out the good stuff.

Introducing PHAART PUMPS


Get pumped! No matter what your preferred type of bicycle riding is every cyclist needs a pump. Preferably more than one. The minimum number of pumps any self respecting cyclist who wishes to remain self respecting needs is three. As well as the unarguable fact that three is the magic number, there is other sound reasoning for this number of pumps.

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Replace your knackered mini pump. For a kick off we all need a pump to take with us on our regular rides. Something modest in size but not too fiddly or overly forearm-burning to get tyres up to a decent pressure. Case in point, the Phaart Rumbler. Not to big, not too small. Handy little rubber hose and fold-out mini footplate make puncture repairs just that little bit less of a pain. Good for 120psi.

















Make things easy for yourself. The next pump that a cyclist should arm themselves with is a proper floor pump. Seriously, if you don't own a floor pump, get one now. Your arms, your bike, maybe even your nextdoor neighbour will thank you for it. Pumps up fat tyres fast. Pumps up skinny tyres dead hard (160psi rated). Check out the Phaart Follow Through floor pump. Big ol' steel barrel. Faff-free twist-lock valve attachment. Easy to read dial for the precise psi pumpers.


















Small but perfectly formed. The minimalist road riders and XC racers out there also need a dinkier pump to hand for emergency hope-to-never-use purposes. Something that will do the job if it has too but is mainly about being small, light and unobtrusive to carry in a jersey back pocket or saddlebag "just in case". Something like a Phaart SBD in fact.


















Sort your suspension. The final pump that some cyclists, well mountain bikers with any suspension on their bike basically, should have is a shock pump. There's not a whole heap of variation to be found with shock pumps. Big dial sticking out of the side that goes up to 300psi. Screw on valve attachment at the end of a small length of pivoting rubber hose. Little thumb button on the back for letting pressure out a couple of psi at a time. The Phaart Tommy Squeaker is as good as any of 'em. Some riders never check or adjust the pressure in their suspension equipment. These riders are well daft. Spoil the road for a happeth o' tar.




















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21 February 2012