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Lurcher - nearly nearly nearly nearly nearly ready

Lurcher - nearly nearly nearly nearly nearly ready

The Lurcher is our trail tough, amazing riding, trail 29er. It's been in development, and production, longer than some children who have started attending school this year. They are nearly here, and we are airfreighting the first true production models in to get those big wheels finally rolling on this project.

To say the Lurcher has been a "long time coming" would be an understatement. I've been digging around on the site and found this piece from the back end of 2010... and a report from the testers on that session here, with claims like "the more versatile Carbon SWAP-OUT 29er (Lurcher) to be one of the nicest and best performing frames I have ridden", and "It may be purely subjective but it is a rare pleasure for me to hop on a bike and get this “I-can-tackle-any-trail” feeling instantaneously and for me it is a indication of a advanced and well refined geometry."

All sounds good to us. Even a year and a half further on.

So... It's here to order, and should be here in around four weeks time. Earlier possibly. Later, I really nope not, but we PROMISE to keep you fully up to speed once they are on the plane. 

Thanks for all the interest. The most technically advanced and trail tough 29er frame on the market? And all for only £499? Crazy bargain we think, only possibly because we're working direct with the factorys and selling direct to you.

 NOTE :: Our site currently says the frames have ONE set of bottle bosses. The frames have TWO sets of bottle bosses. One DT, one ST. I should know this as Ed borrowed my drill to remove his seat tube ones AND HASN'T GIVE ME MY DRILL BACK YET.


27 January 2012


  • Jimmy Smith

    For the love of God, will you please provide some info and pics concerning the SS dropouts? Does your tensioner work with this frame and if not will you make one for it? For such an anticipated frame, why so little info?

  • Arne the Viking

    Sooo, any news on the Ti 29ers?

  • adrian

    What weight is the 19.5 inch frame coming in at?

  • Martyn

    Looks bloody awesome. Good to see its finally Lurched into production. See what I did there?

  • ThomasM

    I waited almost 2 yrs to get this frame and after finally ordering this Lurcher I get a email stating this... Thomas On One order 146728 Your order has gone into our security department for checking.. Can you send us some identification to confirm your name and address, this can be a utility bill or something similar. Can you also tell us if you had any problems when placing your order, in particular the payment process. Regards Helen Ephgrave Planet X Ltd/ On One Now doesn't my CC have to match the address to even purchase anything? Anyone else get this too and does this mean I'm out a lurcher!!!!!!!

  • jordi

    it's a trail bike? the geometry is corrected for a rigid 470 mm fork, 100 mm travel will let a 71 degree of seat angle.... not talking about a 120 mm fork..... it's a strange geometry for a trail bike

  • paula

    Custom build with a 2 x 10 please ... $64,000 question ... When? not that we're impatient or anything ;) mind you would prefer the Titanium frame 29er if I'm honest :)

  • jb

    Whats the expected date for a matching rigid fork? In Lurcher time, that just means i want to know the the year.

  • Lee

    No black and white????? I've got a black and white singlespeed version one which I received just before Xmas? Are you telling me this is not a true Lurcher, will it be different from the true production models written about here? I'm just waiting for the matching forks, so I hope they will be in matching black and white otherwise it will look daft. I was promised black and white when I ordered it all?

  • JulianJ

    Will matching carbon forks be available too?

  • BrantR (On-One Team)

    There is no black and white frame Jota. Frame will be offered as a complete when we have a spec and groups nailed, or we can custom build, from around £1500.

  • Adrian

    Great news on the Lurcher. Are you going to offer the bike as a ride away item? If so what spec will it be cause i will very interested.

  • Jota

    Where is the Black and White Frame? And what about the matching Forks?