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Planet X get back into mountain bikes

Planet X get back into mountain bikes

Planet X's first frame was the Jack Flash. A mould-breaking mass production dirt jump/dual slalom frame that predated many of the modern classics. Through the early years of this century, Planet X continued with the steel Bommer (a kind of geared Gimp), the Zebdi (a trials frame), and the Compo, which was one of the original hardcore hardtails. 

But with On-One growing up alongside it, we decided to split things out. Planet X would be road, time trial, triathlon, and cyclo-cross bikes, and On-One would take care of the mountainbike side of things.

Dirty Disco mixed that up a bit, and now, Dirty Harry confuses things further. Planet X's first mountain bike frame for (about) a decade. A carbon race 29er. A little like our own Carbon Race 29er, but different, and new, and here, and available. (We do have some CarbonRace 29ers coming, here in five weeks).

Here's the speil:

 "Now you know why they call me Dirty Harry: every dirty job that comes along."

You don't take Dirty Harry out for a jolly in the woods with your mates. Harry is there to serve pain out to your friends. And you.

Dirty Harry is a tear-your-legs off bike, a lactic acid bath, world of pain bike, a bike that will release buckets of endorphins, make you cry in pain and scream in joy.

Harry will make you attack the hills, up and down. If you aren't first to the top Harry won't be happy. You don't want to make Harry unhappy do you?

The sensible bit

Planet X returns to mountain bikes with a scorching fast high-performance 29er for adventure racers, endurance riders and cross-country. Dirty Harry combines the surface-conquering rolling power of 29-inch wheels with a featherweight carbon fibre frame and the quick handling that speed-orientated riders crave. 

But Dirty Harry is no twitchy one-trick-pony, good only for tearing up fire roads. With a long top tube and wheels that shrug off rocks and potholes, Dirty Harry encourages you to whack through your limits, whatever the terrain.

Dirty Harry works best with a 100mm fork, the standard choice for endurance riding and adventure racers. Features include a tapered head tube for sharp handling and regular vertical dropouts for simplicity.

Named in honour of the misunderstood genius Harry 'Not quite as good as the Brownlees' Wiltshire.

"You've gotta ask yourself a question: 'Do I feel lucky?' Well, do ya, punk?"

Get your Dirty Harry frame here:

24 January 2012


  • Axel

    So when are the jump/4x frames coming back on the market?