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Fat Bike

Our prototype fatbike is getting a thorough and different testing, though hasn't actually seen any snow yet. This is OK, as we are really enjoying riding it in a variety of different conditions. Having been ridden by new team rider Shaggy, who unexpectedly came up to Calderdale to see us, we took the opportunity to take him for lunch in Mooch in Hebden Bridge and nick his bike when it was parked outside. Sort of. Well not really, but he didn't seem keen to let it go.

Brant took it out first and had a heap of fun riding it down some of Hebden's most stupidly steep technical stuff - things that we've only seen ridden on bikes with suspension forks, including the not-legendary-unless-you've-heard-of-them "Mmmbop steps". 

mmmbop steps

Ed didn't believe it was possible, but the truth was in the tyre tracks. Big fat tyres can be a replacement for suspension, but only if  you're careful.

Next time out was a Thursday night ride with new starter Matt Wild, who made short work of some other local trails on it, before Ed wrestled it off him and went and did some more local riding on it...


Testing will continue! More soon!


9 January 2012


  • adam

    Would love to know when this will be ready. Living up in Arctic Norway and the snow is already creeping its way down the mountains towards me....

  • Wannabe

    Is the ETA still midsummer? Any more details?

  • Ben

    just wondering what rear spacing you are thinking about. I was looking at a Surly Pugsley but the 17.5mm offset means that swapping out to "normal rims" would not be a good idea (off setting a skinny set up wouldn't have the strength i don't think?) are you going 135mm off set or 165mm I'm assuming you're going 135mm up front? Really interested in knowing as I might have to wait to get one of these if you're not off setting. also any clues as to the rims this will come with? thanks....

  • Ferrit

    when can I put my name down on one (pun intended!) of these puppies?

  • Kev

    Look, I'm in Chamonix and we have tonnes of snow, if you want me to test it and return it in the spring on my migration path back north to the Highlands I'm sure I could make space for it. Aye Kev

  • MattW (On-One Team)

    looking at under £1100, and should be landing on midsummers day....

  • James

    When will we be able to buy one? Any idea of how much they will cost???

  • Graham Wallace

    With the right geometry and narrower tyres that frame should have large enough clearances to form the basis of a 29er Cleland based mud bike.